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  • Constructive Interference

The Role of Constructive Interference in Mediumship

For those with an interest in science/mathematics, constructive interference is the process in which two or more waves of energy of the same frequency combine to reinforce each other, and the amplitude of the resulting wave is equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the combining waves.

  • good vibrations readings

Good Vibrations: More Than A Song Title

What’s in a Reading? While doing readings to either connect with loved ones passed over or to offer holistic health information to complement other medical data, the person conducting the reading has to be open to many ways that information is received.

  • mediumship mentoring

What Is Involved in Mediumship Mentoring

The application of mediumship or intuition is sacred work. Thus, I aim to serve those with a sincere need. My work is dedicated to honor the sacred integrity of the spirits and the unconditional love of the Divine. Receiving the information is based upon universal energy.

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