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Client Testimonials*
While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials posted on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using any of the services offered on this website for any particular issue, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

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I am sharing the following client testimonial to bring awareness regarding the devastating impact that ongoing overwhelming life experiences can have.

My role is agnostic to labels. My role is offer options to help improve the daily reality of those suffering.

The hardest work any of us does is on ourselves. When we have the courage to do such work, practitioners continually are humbled by the strength and unwavering courage of our clients. The terror and trauma suffered, and the infinite ways in which such manifests must compel us to act with urgency, compassion, and humility.

Although suffering may not be visible or measurable via some expected standard means, that does not negate the terror of its reality. Most of us have a myopic view of what the human experience can be, but as our own personal experience broadens from loss, grief, pain, and suffering of many kinds, we then extend greater empathy to others on broader terms.

However, what is not seen, measured, or yet understood is even more real to those suffering in a perceived unrecognized prison of duality. This prison of duality is both the prison of the suffering endured and the prison imposed by others’ arrogance demanding that there be a label or recognized metric to justify and validate that such suffering exists.

To open oneself up to understand, be vulnerable, and to perhaps harness that which is not accepted and not seen, carves facets of humanity into our souls as felt by others. Then we begin to realize how we are mirrors or personifications of all others in a shared humanity. Although this may sound lofty and devoid of practical application, I assure you that practical application is indeed my passion!


Maryann Kelly’s role in helping her client during the journey to navigate moving forward is on Acknowledgments Page in the client’s book – “Dear Me I Love You” by Kanchan Singh

“I have been working with Maryann for several sessions now and the layers of the onion continue to be peeled. Following is a snapshot of a couple of “layers” that have been addressed.

Layer 1 – I am free of food anxieties. This is a huge emotional change for me. Previously, I would always be concerned if there was enough food around me, or if I was “getting my fair share.” This anxiety was due to present and past life food scarcity issues. Maryann visualized past life experiences of food scarcity, and we conducted an exercise which resolved all food anxiety issues. Additionally, I had the firm mindset that I would not be able to lose any weight permanently, and all weight loss was only temporary. However, after working with Maryann, I know I can lose weight and keep it off the rest of my life.

Layer 2 – I am released from emotional triggers (and fear). Previously, I would fly off the handle at the smallest criticism or comment. But now it’s like water rolling off a duck’s back. Comments or criticisms no longer bother me. It is so freeing!! Additionally, I do not “feel the fear of criticism” as I had previously. Also, I am more confident in asking for what I desire, whereas previously I felt like I didn’t deserve the simplest things in life.

I feel truly blessed to have found Maryann and know that all my hopes and dreams for my life are possible. She is very special lady and if you ever have the opportunity to work with her, jump in with everything you got! You will not be disappointed.”

Collette C.

“My daughter just wasn’t herself over the past few months. She was consistently getting feedback from her teacher on negative behaviors and disruptions in class. It became a daily email or call from the school. When I would speak to her about it, she seemed unphased or argumentative – it just wasn’t my little girl. Maryann is a trusted advisor and when I spoke to her about it, she immediately helped by removing negative energy and connections. Within a matter of hours, there was a noticeable difference- her teacher commented on how great her day turned out and she was very affectionate and kind towards me at home. She had been to numerous doctors and therapy, and it wasn’t getting to the root of the issue- Maryann truly helped us turn such a stressful situation around.”


“For the past year and a half I have been a client of Maryann’s. She has been working with me energetically to untangle the devastating effects of an ongoing series of overwhelming situations resulting from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of those closest to me.

Anyone who suffers from a lifetime of abuse knows how deep and complicated these wounds twist around your psyche. The dark confusion seems insurmountable when you’re so deeply entrenched. Maryann provides not only a safe space of compassion and respite, but a clear path for the individual based on their specific needs. Because of the progress I’ve been making, she suggested it was time for a Soul Retrieval session. All I can say is wow!

This work is like no other. It is done with such care, precision, and intention that after this one session I feel that I’ve made a quantum leap in my healing journey. Critical parts of myself that have been screaming out for attention are now heard and integrated. To be reunited with the precious pieces of yourself that had been abandoned by trauma is nothing short of miraculous. So often, daily life is complex and we feel like terrified children trapped in an older body in a very scary world.

For the first time, because of this work, I feel like an adult who is capable of making her own decisions. The wisdom of my own soul is now accessible to me.

I feel like things are finally going to be okay. For those of us who have been overwhelmed, isn’t that what we have been longing for all this time?

A Soul Retrieval session is a gift you can give to the parts of you that were severed and are now ready to come home.”


“A couple years ago, my mother reached out to Maryann because of the struggles she and my stepfather were experiencing. After decades of marriage, my mother’s patience with her husband’s challenging behaviors had worn very thin. She was the closest I had ever seen her to ending their marriage. I understood my mother’s frustration because my stepdad had caused a great deal of upheaval during my childhood, and though I wanted to feel differently, I resented him.

With his permission, Maryann cleared negative energy from my stepdad’s field and assisted in resolving the stress surrounding his birth. Soon afterward, to my amazement, I realized that I no longer felt uncomfortable in his presence. My siblings and our children also noticed a difference. This man who had always been stressed and reactive especially in group settings now was calmer and more present. This improvement has only grown over time. Now, when we gather as a family, my stepdad is a welcome part of the party. I have forgiven him, something that had not felt possible before. Maryann’s work not only blessed my parents’ marriage, but the whole family. Thank you, Maryann!”


Client Testimonials*
While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials posted on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using any of the services offered on this website for any particular issue, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

“I first met Maryann during my first scheduled holistic health reading on March 6, 2019. What had unfolded during that short amount of time between March 6, 2019 and May 18, 2019 is captured in my video interview as posted on Maryann’s website. In short, Maryann relayed information to me that she would have had no way of knowing. More importantly, the energy work done on March 7, 2019, the day after the first reading, alleviated significant debilitating pain that I had been living with for over a decade. I had been dependent on a wheelchair for long excursions, and I could not perform basic movements without pain in my legs and hips. In short, I lived with chronic pain.

Since May 18, 2019, when the video for Maryann’s website had been done, additional events unfolded that were increasingly remarkable. To me, yes, in some instances, they were truly miraculous. Having been trained in the sciences as a biologist, I have the traditional credible credentials valued by society. However, my physical manifestations and results after Maryann’s sessions were far from traditional. My journey to determine root causes and unlock painful memories so that I could be freed from layers of buried trauma, now manifesting via my body in many varying ways, required me to do my hardest work of looking into those deep and often dark places within, and required working with Maryann, who is a most exceptional Medium and Energy Worker.

As sources of trauma were surfacing, other manifestations including nausea, medically-unexplained histamine reactions (severe rashes/itching), and additional pain associated with specific areas of my body presented. One such event involved such intense, burning pain that I could not move my shoulders, arms, and hands. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, I rated my pain a 12.5! Via a remote session with Maryann, in working with her team of spiritual guides, Archangels, etc. from the Divine realm; and application of multiple modalities, my pain level reduced to a 2.

As encouraged by Maryann, I first try to work through whatever the manifestation is. Maryann’s goal is to have an exit strategy for every client so that she helps them learn how to identify and apply tools and techniques for ultimate independence. This is the hallmark of a true professional who wants the client to become so well that he/she, as the practitioner, is not needed anymore. While other practitioners may string clients/patients along to draw out the time needed for multiple appointments, Maryann tries to accomplish as much as possible per session and narrates in detail to help the client understand how to most fully participate in each session so that ultimately, the client becomes not only well but increasingly independent.

As humans, our psyche and bodies are masterful at disguising the true traumatic root causes of varying physical manifestations. This is where Maryann accelerates the process by being able to associate what the traumatic event or traumatic series was that is triggering whatever the manifestation is in forms of pain, nausea, rash, swelling, etc. Moreover, she then knows how to craft a powerful EFT script that is akin to a laser in pin-pointing the trauma to identify its root cause, surface it, and evict it. Maryann’s application of Scalar Wave is equally unique per client and per root cause to specifically address the manifestation.

Sometimes, my pain is not caused by a past traumatic event and is instead caused by an accident. An example is that I had smashed my left rib cage into a door jam. While there were no fractures, most who have hurt their ribs, know how painful that is given all of the intercostal nerves (nerves going between each rib and innervating the pleura sac surrounding each lung). Thus, the most minor movement and even breathing are painful. Again, at the end of a remote session with Maryann, I was able to breath without pain and my range of motion without pain was markedly improved.

It’s absolutely a metaphysical experience in how Maryann can identify, in such detail, what I am feeling; how I am feeling the manifestation; and exactly where I am feeling the manifestation (pain, nausea, swelling, itch, etc.). The metaphysical results far escape the confines of the human brain as what we were taught to be possible or not possible is blown away by, not only the potential, but by the actual results.

To those who choose to doubt and dismiss that which is not yet mainstream, I respect that as I was once too only a believer in what was mainstream. I will also tell you too that when you are suffering so much for so long, you may well become more open to a much greater potential that surpasses human logic and intellect. When you 1) are truly willing to do your own hard work from within those deep dark places, 2) open up to vast possibilities of potential well beyond the capabilities of the most advanced human intellect, and 3) are willing to truly participate and take an active role in your own healing, then I suggest you consider working with a practitioner such as Maryann so you can experience improvement and inner peace beyond words.

Navigating this complex network of trauma stored in many fragments and cells, as the body does indeed not forget what has happened, and dealing with unexpected manifestations resulting from root causes and triggers that are unknown, at the time, requires a practitioner like Maryann with experience, prowess, perseverance, dedication, compassion, and ethics. My hope is that others suffering will find not only relief as I am finding but will also be empowered as I am via a practitioner like Maryann Kelly, of Intuitive Services Insight®.”

Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)

Video Testimonials*
While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the video testimonials below do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using her services for any particular issue, this client reports having a positive experience. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

Tracie Bork, Scientist, Endorses Maryann Kelly’s work dealing with Overwhelming Life Experiences

Tracie Bork, Scientist, Endorses Maryann Kelly’s work dealing with Overwhelming Life Limitations

Tracie Bork, Scientist, Endorses Maryann Kelly: Life Changing Experience

“I’ve known Maryann for years and initially contacted her recently regarding my finger that remained in a partially closed painful position close to my palm such that it was very painful to fully close my hand completely, and I had been awakened multiple times, during the night, by pain radiating to my hand and wrist.

Due to COVID, I had not wanted to venture to my health care provider’s office, and I knew that Maryann worked globally and remotely with clients via ZOOM or phone. During a ZOOM session, Maryann explained that the specific finger impacted on my right hand was associated with the trauma of grief resulting from my father’s recent passing. She also explained grief in the context of emotions and their high to lower vibrations. She’d written an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) script especially for me that really resonated to my core which enabled me to acknowledge, process, and release emotions associated with this overall grief trauma involving actually both of my parent’s passing. [My Mother passed some years ago.] As she gently guided me through how my EFT script was to be executed, she also communicated messages to me from my parents passed over which made the experience all the more amazing.

After EFT, she ran Scalar Wave which lifted the heaviness of the grief from my body. At the end of the session, I could open my right hand much more such that the impacted finger was significantly loosened. Moreover, I felt so much lighter overall. I slept so much better and my hand and wrist did not awaken me throughout the night with pain as had been happening. While our bodies age and have anatomical issues, it is also noteworthy to experience just how much is not confined to anatomical constraints, and that the energy we can each indeed harness can release us from pain and from the associated physical manifestations. It’s marvelous what Maryann can do remotely addressing not only what you bring to her but also what she finds as part of the comprehensive real root cause.”

E. Raye LaValley

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