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About Maryann Kelly

Following a successful 33 year corporate career working globally, Maryann has earned certifications in Mastery Medical Intuition and Advanced Medical Intuition, Light Grid, and Reiki in addition to her university degrees. She’s also completed Spiritual Mediumship Programs and participated in the Donna Eden Online Energy Medicine Curricula. She’s the founder of Intuitive Services Insight® providing medium, mentorship, and speaking services. Maryann’s unique combination of hands-on health care, business, and holistic experience enables her to help clients connect with passed over loved ones; obtain insights about health; and apply intuition in business. Maryann delivers services with the highest integrity and compassion for her clients. Discover more at:

Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!


Reiki is a contributing catalyst fueling my intuition opening up and enabling me to be a better version of myself. From scientific and philosophical perspectives, what happened to me when neuroplasticity and metaphysics intersected, was that a burst of intuition resulted further developing my intuition.

Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!2020-02-08T11:36:19-05:00

The Role of Constructive Interference in Mediumship


For those with an interest in science/mathematics, constructive interference is the process in which two or more waves of energy of the same frequency combine to reinforce each other, and the amplitude of the resulting wave is equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the combining waves.

The Role of Constructive Interference in Mediumship2020-02-08T11:37:16-05:00
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