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The greatest forces are unseen yet profoundly evident, e.g., love, oxygen, intuition, spirit, energy.

Maryann Kelly is an Intuitive Medium, Medical Psychic, and Energy Healer

Maryann Kelly

Maryann was selected as an author in the #1 book series, Your Shift Matters, Surviving to Thriving that was published in mid-March, 2018. She was asked to do a book review of Advanced Medical Intuition, Six Underlying Causes of Illness and Unique Healing Methods by renowned author and 4th generation medical intuitive, Tina Zion. Tina Zion. Tina Zion also included her in Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom, a chapter written by Maryann regarding Intuition and Reiki Level 1 Attunement.

“What, is this all there is?”

This had been the recurring question since her childhood. Consistent with Maryann’s passion for answers, she was determined to find out more about this answer after an epiphany had happened on a casual Sunday afternoon.

Following a successful 33-year corporate career working globally, Maryann made a shift to follow her intuition in search of that answer. She went from corporate executive roles immersed in meetings, and metrics to being a medium now understanding how the universal principles of metaphysics, energy, and intuition allow communications with those passed over who are in fact, very much alive. These same principles of intuition also explained her insights regarding others’ holistic health.

As part of her journey, she earned certifications in both Advanced and Mastery Medical Intuition (Tina Zion Program), Light Grid and Advanced Light Grid, Level I & II Reiki, and Animal Communication (Joan Ranquet Program) in addition to her university degrees. She also completed Spiritual Mediumship Programs and the Donna Eden Online Energy Medicine Curricula. She further complemented her studies by completing Energy Healing for Animals with the renown Joan Ranquet. Maryann completed coursework as part of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s programs and follows Dr. Bruce Lipton as both are renowned for their work consistent with scientific methods and demonstrating the impact of our minds and beliefs on physical outcomes as related to Epigenetics. She studied works of Dr. Valerie Hunt and Emilie Conrad who pioneered modalities related to Scalar Wave and she studied works of Nick Ortner related to Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT). Maryann leverages other techniques related to the HeartMath Institute which has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools since 1991 helping people reduce and avoid stress while experiencing increased peace, satisfaction and enjoyment. She continually assesses other modalities and techniques to broaden options to help clients. For example, Brainspotting, is a focused method to identify, process, and release sources of pain. Via Mediumship, Maryann may identify and discuss such pain sources with the client whereas, brainspotting may be another tool which resonates with the client.

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She founded Intuitive Services Insight® to provide mediumship, mentorship, and speaking services. In addition, Maryann has broadened the application of intuition, as used in mediumship, to include Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), and Scalar Wave. Intuition is the language of energy which is all around us. Just like we can be intuitive in varying ways, so energy modalities target specific needs.

Maryann has been working with clients with Complex PTSD resulting from years or decades of trauma. Our veterans know far too well what PTSD is like from their military service and associated trauma; and many others suffer from Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome (TMS). Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), is also known as Tension Myoneural Syndrome. TMS or mind body syndrome is a name given by Dr. John E. Sarno to a condition of psychogenic musculoskeletal and nerve symptoms. Clients who approach Maryann with these conditions have often spent decades trying many approaches towards alleviation of symptoms. What has resulted in some documented relief is an integrated approach where Maryann provides a Holistic Health Reading and then she integrates in follow on sessions a customized non-invasive set of modalities such as Past Life Regression, Cord/Entity Removals, EFT and Scalar Wave which can help both get at the root cause and enable elusive layers of trauma to be addressed while empowering the client for daily living along the way. Maryann is delighted to collaborate with other mainstream or holistic practitioners in the best interest of the client. For an example of this integrated work involving Complex PTSD and TMS, please see go to the Testimonial Page and see the subsection, Complex PTSD / Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome (TMS).

To represent the types of services and modalities that are intrinsically linked to intuition, Intuitive Services Insight is a Center of Energy Excellence, COEE. As a COEE, Maryann works with proven practitioners and is continuously seeking educators, programs, and literature to further aid others in their search for information and options regarding personal or professional matters. Maryann delivers services with the highest integrity and compassion for her clients.

Maryann’s credentials from her corporate career include her earning a Bachelor of Science with a dual major from St. Joseph’s University in Finance and Information Systems, Summa Cum Laude, on an accelerated basis while working in the medical profession. She has also earned an Advanced Project Management Certification from Stanford University and the prestigious Lloyd’s of London Reinsurance Certification.

Want to learn more about her story and the epiphany that jump started her journey?

What’s The Center of Energy Excellence?

Benefits Beyond A Reading

Tracie Bork, Scientist, Endorses Maryann Kelly: Life Changing Experience Complex PTSD & Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS)

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Only positive energies for the greatest good; highest purpose; optimal healing; comfort; and respect are to ever be in these sessions as associated with Divine Wisdom. There is respect and not judgement so all have a voice to be heard and honored. All are accepted to find, live, and stand strong in their TRUTH. SURRENDER is the strength to seek your greatest potential. WAITING is cherished patience when the gifts of gratitude and fulfillment await us. We are forever GROUNDED in the TRUST and KNOWING that LOVE prevails.

Reiki and your Intuition

Maryann’s content, “Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!” in
Reiki and Your Intuition
by Tina Zion

Surviving to Thriving book

Maryann Kelly, author of
chapter “The Thunder of Intuition” in
Your Shift Matters: Surviving to Thriving

Becoming More of God

Maryann’s role as contributing editor; author of the Foreword section in
Being More of God
by Rich Braconi

So Now What

Maryann’s integral part of client’s grief healing
Consulting a Medium – So Now What?
by Alexandra McGroarty

Dear Me, I Love You

Maryann Kelly’s role in helping client’s healing from deep trauma
Dear Me, I Love You
by Kanchan Singh

Client Testimonials

Clients from: USA, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Jordan, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Israel, India, Africa & Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
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“I have never encountered a person who is more motivated, reliable, honest and caring in delivering the best that she has to offer. Her courage and determination to learn, grow and expand has catapulted her into the healing field of service to others. She is a gifted intuitive who is able to deliver messages and information, as well as educating others to assist people on their path of healing.”

Lisa O’Brien, CRM, ERYT


“Maryann draws upon her decades of real world and real life experience to provide specific examples with practical applications that resonate and can be internalized so that I could then reapply her guidance in other situations of increasingly complex disruptive strategies. Moreover, Maryann’s international work ensures that she is sensitive and aware of cultural norms.”



“Maryann Kelly’s presentation on Intuition was very informative. She is quite a dynamic and engaging speaker, talking about her own experiences and making it real . The one-on-one intuitive sessions she had us doing with each other were fun, eye opening and made us think as to what we could do or not and how. I left the session wanting to know more. Thank you Maryann, great job!”

Dr. Bernadette Spector

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