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Energetic Cord Removal; Negative / Dark Entity Removal

energetic cord removal

Cord & Entity Removal – See Testimonials

energetic cords

“I had the pleasure of working with Maryann this week. I found her to be warm, insightful and clear. She was able to tune into my chakra centers prior to our session and provided me with information that was validating and in alignment with how I have been feeling. She was also able to do some clearing work that has made a substantial impact on my wellbeing. I definitely recommend working with Maryann and am grateful that I found her.” -Jasmine Richardson

“I reached out to Maryann for what I suspected to be dark entities/energy affecting myself and impacting my son’s personality and behavior. Upon investigation, I found some type of energy but was not able to remove it myself. I’m grateful to have been referred to Maryann because of the extent of the problem she remediated was a network so dark, intricate and vast; it’s rarely found.

With Maryann’s experience, confidence, and absolute fierceness, she explained the process, helped me see all layers of the network and infiltration, and then commanded the entire removal with the facilitation from Divine & Sacred. Maryann’s fearlessness is so profound, that at no time did I feel fear or doubt. Afterwards, I saw IMMEDIATE positive changes in my son, for myself, and others the energy affected. She also cleared objects in my home that had been planted with the same energy. From one day to the next, the energetic shift was night & day.” – Corinne R.

“Before seeking help, I felt like I was living under a weighted blanket constantly. Every day was a struggle, filled with overwhelming fatigue. But thanks to the removal of the Complex Dark Entity Network and Cord, I feel back to myself again! I can breathe freely again, and the weight that once pressed down on me has lifted. I feel lighter, clearer, and more at peace. I’m immensely grateful for the skilled assistance of Maryann.”  –Alex

During a Spiritual Reading to connect with loved ones or during a Holistic Health Reading, cords or negative/dark entities may be found and identified. Cords are based upon energetic relationships that form as associated with family, friends, work, etc. Energetic cords can also be associated with our behaviors. Some relationships or behaviors do not serve us well and can be painful or toxic. Redirecting the energy associated with cords can allow you to use this energy for renewing selected relationships not burdened by the past and for new positive relationships. Cords and entities vary widely in complexity and while some may be removed during a Spiritual or Holistic Health Reading, others may require a separate session(s) devoted to cord/entity removal. Entities are believed to be forms, human or non-human, draining energy and/or causing atypical behaviors.

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It’s possible for you to:

  • Remove unwanted energies weighing you down

  • Break unhealthy cycles

  • Replenish & redirect your energy

  • Avoid unwanted behaviors

Client Testimonials*
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“I felt relief, peace, happiness, and overall Zen.”

“I have seen a number of energy healers, but so far no one has been able to pick up that there were dark entities attached to me. Thank you very much for guiding me through the process of releasing these dark entities. It was so powerful and the energy connection was so strong that I actually felt as if you were right there next to me.”

“Maryann facilitated removal of an extensive dark entity network that my colleague and I discovered was woven through ourselves, our families (including pets), our clients, other colleagues, and many other individuals. Maryann quickly identified the extensive network, knew how to handle the situation, and worked confidently to remove all of the energy. Her holistic approach included a thorough clearing of my home and property (50+ acres). Because she’s so thorough, she found some gifts given to me from the source that brought the dark network into my field. These items were serving as stealth implants, beaconing similar energy into my surroundings and Maryann counseled on how to safely dispose of the items. She also gave me effective energy protection tools I’ve been successfully using ever since. What a sense of safety and relief it is to have Maryann in my corner, steadily guiding me through such a traumatic situation. She’s knowledgeable, thorough, wise, strong, and kind and I’m grateful our paths crossed.” – Lorrie C.

“My family and I were referred to Maryann by a fantastic, much-trusted Intuitive that we had worked with in the past. At that moment in time, this practitioner did not have space available in her schedule and we had a loved one in crisis and could not wait. She assured us that Maryann was the real deal and we would be in good hands. We are so grateful for the referral and for Maryann! She went above and beyond to intervene in a very tenuous situation and I credit her with saving my loved one’s life. Her dedication, compassion, and delightful wit make her a joy to work with, even in very challenging times. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”  — Walt

Jonathan Cabrera Endorses Maryann Kelly, Zen Peaceful Experience -Cord Removal Service

Dr Eileen Jason Endorses Maryann Kelly’s Ethics & Energy Work, Cord Removal

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