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Complex PTSD / Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome (TMS)
Past Life Regression
Cord / Entity Removal
Property Clearing
Scalar Wave
EFT Tapping
Animal Communication
Intuitive Mentoring
Soul Portraits
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Energetic Cord Removal; Negative / Dark Entity Removal

energetic cord removal

Cord & Entity Removal – See Testimonials

energetic cords

During a Spiritual Reading to connect with loved ones or during a Holistic Health Reading, cords or negative/dark entities may be found and identified. Cords are based upon energetic relationships that form as associated with family, friends, work, etc. Energetic cords can also be associated with our behaviors. Some relationships or behaviors do not serve us well and can be painful or toxic. Redirecting the energy associated with cords allows you to use this energy for renewing selected relationships not burdened by the past and for new positive relationships. Cords and entities vary widely in complexity and while some may be removed during a Spiritual or Holistic Health Reading, others may require a separate session devoted to cord/entity removal. Entities are forms, human or non-human, draining energy and/or causing atypical behaviors.

$200 / 60 min per person

  • Remove unwanted energies weighing you down

  • Break unhealthy cycles

  • Replenish & redirect your energy

  • Avoid unwanted behaviors

“I felt relief, peace, happiness, and overall Zen.”

“I have seen a number of energy healers, but so far no one has been able to pick up that there were dark entities attached to me. Thank you very much for guiding me through the process of releasing these dark entities. It was so powerful and the energy connection was so strong that I actually felt as if you were right there next to me.”

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Jonathan Cabrera Endorses Maryann Kelly, Zen Peaceful Experience -Cord Removal Service

Dr Eileen Jason Endorses Maryann Kelly’s Ethics & Energy Work, Cord Removal

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