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While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials posted on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using any of the services offered on this website for any particular issue, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

“Maryann was highly recommended to me as being a very skilled intuitive/energetic healer. I have to say I was not disappointed.

At the time I consulted Maryann, I had had stage 3 cancer as well as loss of use of my left hand and arm (as a result of nerve damage from an operation), peripheral neuropathy (caused by chemo) and a chronic lung infection that I had for the past 18 months.

Maryann was very quick to read my energy field and highlighted an issue I had with personal boundaries in this lifetime. When locating the origin of this issue she regressed me to a lifetime I had 18 lifetimes ago. This is something I had been carrying over lifetime after lifetime to the present. This regression did not seem strange as I could see myself in the previous lifetime. The whole process resonated with me and I could easily see how it was affecting my present life and, in particular, my current health.

For some time, I had suspected that there was some negative interference in my energy field. Once again, Maryann was quick to locate and remove negative/dark forces from my field. She achieved this in a very organised, systematic manner and took her time to make sure they were all removed. She talked me through the whole process so that I could feel what was going on. After this session I feel a lot lighter in myself and the blockages that I could feel under both arms had resolved.

For our second session Maryann had written an EFT script specifically for me. I am very familiar with EFT but have never met anyone who does it like Maryann – she truly is a master! When reading the script it was easy to see how accurately Maryann had intuitively read me. It was amazing. From the first reading it resonated with me and I could feel an energy shift.

Maryanne also did some scalar energy work on my left arm and hand. Afterwards, the pain in my hand had decreased 50% and my fingertips that are usually cold were warm.

She also took the time to explain some energy techniques, such as dowsing and toroidal field, that I could continue to do at home.

Maryann has a natural warmth and compassion that immediately makes you feel very comfortable. She also has the unique ability to combine intuition with practicality and leaves no stone unturned.

Maryann has an amazing gift and ability and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Diane Reardon, ND, Australia (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

Mediumship & Spiritual Readings Testimonials

Spiritual Reading Online
“As I reached out for the knob, the door swung open, “Good morning, L!” We’d never met before – but this seemed a good start for an intuitive session. The rest of our time was equally as energetic and familiar. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) used family names and spoke about their traits as only an insider could. She made me feel at ease, and I left the session lighter than I had entered. It is clear that Maryann is brilliant at what she does; I definitely recommend her services.”
“I have had the pleasure to work with Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) for the past 2 years.  I have never encountered a person who is more motivated, reliable, honest and caring in delivering the best that she has to offer.  Her courage and determination to learn, grow and expand has catapulted her into the healing field of service to others.  She is a gifted intuitive who is able to deliver messages and information, as well as educating others to assist people on their path of healing.”
Lisa O'Brien, CRM, ERYT
“Everyone wishes for a reliable, genuine and sincere source of help and guidance in their life. I can honestly attest that Maryann is such a source for people to seriously consider. I am grateful to have known Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) for several years and during that time I have witnessed a true spiritual transformation that I have a great respect for. Her ever growing ability to receive credible knowledge and wisdom from other spiritual sources is a true validation of her commitment to a higher truth. I am a true fan.”
Rich Braconi, Spirit Medium / Medical Intuitive
“You will not regret the session that you have with Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®). She has proven over and over again what a natural medical intuitive and healer she is. We have worked closely together and I trust her abilities. Maryann’s heart is in her work as a medical intuitive and she is the “real deal intuitive.” – Tina Zion

Tina’s Bio:
Tina is a fourth generation medium, specializing in medical intuition and teaches it internationally. She’s a registered nurse with a national board specialty certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Association; and is a Gestalt trained counselor, graduating from the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute in 1997. She’s certified in clinical hypnotherapy from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in 1985 and is also certified through the Michael Newton Institute. Tina is the internationally known author of Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course, The Reiki Teacher’s Manual and is a contributing author in Michael Newton’s latest book, Memories of the Afterlife. Tina teaches throughout the US and internationally. She blends all of her professional background and holistic training to provide her students with a profound experience in the intuitive arts and in healing techniques. Maryann’s book review of Tina’s Advanced Medical Intuition publication was included and Tina invited Maryann to include a chapter in her next book, Reiki and Your Intuition due to be published in 2019. Given Tina’s experience for many decades and given the many she meets, Maryann is delighted by Tina’s recommendation.  Visit Tina’s Website

Tina Zion, author of Become a Medical Intuitive

So-Now-What“I met Maryann Kelly by way of recommendation after losing my husband unexpectedly. From our first meeting, Maryann was kind and compassionate and mostly importantly HONEST. She connected with Michael by saying things that 1. She never would have known 2. Only could have come from Michael. I am so impressed, I now meet with her regularly to speak to my husband. it is a beautiful connection to have when he isn’t here in the physical world with me.”

Maryann Kelly’s integral part of her client’s grief’s healing process in chapter six of “Consulting a Medium” – So Now What? Harnessing Grief After Life’s Major Losses” by Alexandra McGroarty, who wrote this testimonial and dedicated a chapter in her book endorsing the work we’ve done together as she has navigated grief from her young husband’s sudden passing.

A. McGroarty
Angelique ring

“Thank you so much for everything! I just spoke with my brother and sister. The gold ring with the raised initials- my brother has it. It’s too big for him so he had carried it in his pocket for a while so when he put his hands in his pocket he would have dad with him. That connection was very cathartic for him. So thank you for that. Just really enjoyed what came through and how spot on you were. Helps me let go of a lot and put that energy towards bettering myself. Thank you! We also found the gold pin we are going to give Mariah on her wedding day.”

Angelique Soulier

Daily Practicality of Intuition for YOU

Paula Pennington Endorses Maryann Kelly: Stress, Struggle Transform to Problem Solving Insight

“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®), I always knew my family members watched over me, but to actually receive the advice I so desperately needed was not just a relief, but very useful. I left you feeling so much better about myself and the world. It was a true, healing experience. Thank you for the information regarding my ancestors and especially the extra time you spent with me. You really have a gift. Thank you for sharing it. I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET AGAIN!”
“”I have known Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) for many years while she was in the corporate world. She has been someone that I could always rely upon for her honesty and support. Now that she’s pursuing a different challenge, I am certain that she will continue to provide the same level of integrity and honesty . I had the pleasure to have Maryann communicate with a close relative that recently passed, and she was able to pass on messages that were very specific and that would have only been relevant to me. She definitely has a gift, and I’m certain that she will help other clients as well.”
Mr Ring
“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®), I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  I got so much out of  tbe reading that I left on such a high. It confirmed my belief that my guardian angels are with me wherever I go. I look forward to seeing you again soon!”
“Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) holistic health intuitive skills provided extremely accurate predictive information so that critical steps could be taken to avoid a situation with undesirable high impact.”
”I was having some health issues in which the doctors wanted to put me through some invasive testing.  I went to Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) instead and she provided some insight into this issue in addition to some others that I was not focusing on.  In the end, I was able to avoid the most invasive testing and instead look into other testing at her suggestion and consequential collaboration with a physician that would provide diagnostic information.  She was 100% accurate in her reading and my issue was not as serious as initially the doctors believed.”
holistic intuitive reading
“Thank you so much for the reading today, Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®).  We are still amazed by what was said and how [my loved one] came through for us.  Today we have some peace and some understanding of the spiritual world.  I know you took extra time with us and I truly appreciate it. I hope to have future readings with you.”

“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) provided me with an amazingly accurate picture of my current health and picked up on things that were very detailed.  My health history includes a high risk of ovarian cancer and she was able to put my mind at ease while also providing confirmation that I am doing the right things as far as monitoring my situation. “

“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) did multiple readings for me including those of family members passed over.  The information was considerably detailed and accurate, and in the case of a passed over family member, the detail in the reading offered a very plausible explanation for past significant events.  In addition to readings, her ability to connect with me energetically either in person or remotely was amazing.  I’ve now experienced first-hand the powerful helpful impact that authentic energy work can have regardless of where I am located.  She’s laser focused as appropriate and uses her entertaining humor to put clients at ease as well. Maryann’s real life experiences, her integrity and abilities make her the real deal.”
“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) recently did a reading for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was open to any messages I would receive from loved ones who have passed. I wanted specifically to hear for my husband but I wasn’t sure if he would come through. Well, Maryann was able to connect with and get messages from my husband and other people who were/are important to me! The messages were very apropos and much needed! To say Maryann is gifted is an understatement! It’s wonderful that she has decided to pursue this path as I know she will help many people in their time of grief! It’s wonderful to hear confirmation that our loved ones are still alive and present in our lives!!! Thanks to Maryann, you can rest assured they are!”
“When asked to write about my experience with Maryann Kelly (Intuitive Services Insight®) the first thing that came to my mind was AWESOME! I had asked to connect with my pop who had just recently passed all I wanted to know was he okay. He came through loud and clear making me feel better. I could have listened to what he was saying through Maryann for hours. I’d like to note that I saw Maryann with my aunt. She also wanted to connect with my pop so most of Maryann’s connection with pop was geared toward my aunt, which was totally fine with me because that was something my aunt needed to hear.

The other person I asked to connect with was my father-in-law. The first thing Maryann said when he came through was “hey” in his exact calm voice. Since my husband has some depression issues about his father’s passing I asked for him to help me give my husband some closure. He gave his message with a few signs to show he was with us. A picture of a clock showing 5:00 telling my husband that’s when he’s trying to talk to him (also the time he gets up for work). A quarter which had a few different meanings that validated his presence: One, being the collection of quarters that was his my husband has in our dresser. Two, because right after my father-in-law passed I found a quarter in his driveway and still have it to this day in my car. My father-in-law was a funny man, when my husband was a child he would take my husband and his siblings, cousins, the neighborhood kids, anyone to the mall and glue a quarter down to the ground and watch people struggle to try and pick the quarter up. My father-in-law In was the room with us.

He also gave me a sign of a leaf and hiking indicating his nieces’ farm, one of his favorite places. After telling my mother-in-law about this, she informed me that he loved leaves and every time he went to Rehoboth he would collect leaves and give them to his grandchildren. Again, I could have sat there and listened to Maryann all day. I was in awe. I didn’t want to leave. As I said in the beginning AWESOME!”


Dr Eileen Jason Endorses Maryann Kelly Spirit Mediumship, Connect with Husband Crossed Over

Paula Pennington Endorses Maryann Kelly: Grandmother & Uncle Connection via Reading Yields Renewed Happiness

Holly Myers, Acu-Health Practitioner

“I would recommend Intuitive Services Insight® for anyone who needs guidance in holistic body scanning readings, family who have passed, past life regression, or anyone who needs a mentor who truly wants to open up to their own intuition. For me Maryann has truly been a blessing in helping me in all of those readings and my spiritual growth journey. She is great at what she does and makes you feel so comfortable. Intuitive Services Insight is for anyone who is ready and open to heal.”

Alexandra Bolden
“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®), your ability to pinpoint the exact spot in our home where my husband, (who has passed over), and I had spent hours talking blew me away. Your using the same unique body language and mannerism that he used to use to make a point also showed me how he was communicating through you to me. It was POWERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your gift and story with me.”
“Maryann Kelly (Intuitive Services Insight®) has assisted me one-on-one and I have observed her speak in group settings. She is (as they would say in Boston) “wicked smart”. Her experience as a C-suite player enables an enormous amount of insight to those who have business issues they wish to address in her readings. As an intuitive, I have a high degree of confidence in her readings and have found her insight to be very helpful.”
“I am a survivor of abuse. I have tried for the past ten years to release what I felt was constant negativity coming into my life. I am a positive person, but it just felt like I was constantly trying to pull myself up only to have another thing drag me down. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) has helped me process the abuse and let go of the negative. I feel so much lighter and happiness abounds! I am deeply grateful for the time I have spent with Maryann. She is truly dedicated to being a beacon of love and peace and helping others.”
Joy Patterson
“We felt Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) accurately described our son who passed on and gave us a reading that resonated with us in a professional and loving manner. A heartfelt thank you to her.”
Brian & Caryn
“Accurate, Accurate, Accurate. So much so I will continue to work with Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) on my healing journey.”
Susan (Canada)
“I’m so glad you are alive! You helped me so much, Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®)!”
Sandra (Portugal)
“I recently had a reading with Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) to connect with my Dad who had recently passed. I needed to have peace of mind to know he’s okay and have just one more hour with his spirit so I could move on with my life. Maryann gave that to me and then some. My Dad came in loud and clear with his colorful language and answered my questions that I so needed to hear. Maryann lightened my heaviness. It was a great experience!”
“With the recent passing of my wife, I’ve been fortunate to experience the reading and mentoring services of Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®). Maryann connected to my wife and shared my wife’s thoughts and answers to questions that I thought would be forever unanswerable. For me, knowing these answers and understanding how she wasn’t really gone, has lifted a heavy burden. It was freeing to know that my wife was “having a blast” and “wanted me to be happy”. Maryann’s mentoring (Intuitive Services Insight®) has infused in me a new found freedom in my life and given me food for thought regarding my future and, most importantly, the nature of spirit. I’ve known Maryann for over 30 years in the corporate world and as a friend. She is one of the most hard working and caring people I know, and her integrity is unquestionable. She brings all her life skills and experience tempered with love to help others and me. I recommend the services of Intuitive Services Insight® to help you.”
Tom Olson

“Maryann at Intuitive Services Insight helped me connect with my sister Nicole who passed away 2 years ago. Maryann provided accurate details that she wouldn’t have known unless she was authentically in contact to Nicole. The session brought me much peace, and Maryann is so kind and caring. Thank You!”

Michele Q.

“I had a great experience during my Spiritual Reading and Vehicle Clearing with Intuitive Services Insight®. I appreciated Maryann’s focus during our session while still allowing for the space to ask questions. During the vehicle clearing, Maryann went above and beyond “clearing.” Past removing unwanted energy, she connected themes from our previous reading in order to provide meaningful insight about relationships and spiritual growth. What also stood out to me was the practical application Maryann provided. She gave concrete examples to illustrate her insights as well as provided helpful exercises to maintain the positive energy. Maryann beautifully blends spiritual and practical aspects in her readings, which tend to “keep on giving” past session. Thank you, Maryann.”

“I’ve regularly seen a PT as far back as the 1980s. There has been some improvement and some worsening of my lower back and hip problems over the years, but the pain has been pretty constant no matter what type of practitioner I visit. Putting weight on my right leg was no longer in my repertoire. In my ever-widening search for answers, I watched some talks on childhood trauma in May 2017. I knew I had hit upon something when I couldn’t get out of bed the following morning. I’d been in chronic pain for almost two years after watching those videos when my psychotherapist asked if I’d ever considered seeking the help of a medium. Seeking assistance through the services of INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® has simply changed my life and allowed me to regain what was rightfully mine—my health. Within days of our session, I could stand up straight again and my left leg woke up and began functioning. I could go up and down stairs without pain, something I had not done in decades. The unearthing of my specific childhood traumas and removal of detrimental energy cords by Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® made a profound difference in how I feel, how I think, and how I MOVE. Thank you for allowing me to step forward into my life once again, Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT®. I am forever grateful.”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)
“Being several thousand miles from my homeland of Scotland, I found myself, alone, once again, grieving the loss of a family member. I was, this time, grieving the passing of my beloved Aunty Mary, and at the same time, remembering the anniversary of the loss of my Godmother, my Aunty Nan. I loved them both with all my being. I first saw, and judged, Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) as a competitor at a Ballroom Dance Competition. I reached out to her on social media some later, because she captivated me with her smile and presence on the floor. In all my years of dance, I can honestly say, that I’ve never seen anyone dance with such joy, and freedom, and love. This is how I “met” Maryann. Having seen my post, remembering and sharing my love and sadness at the loss of my Aunty Mary, I received a text from Maryann around 9pm. Her text had an obvious excitement and a question, “I’m seeing a small uniquely shaped snifter glass or liquor or cordial glass with a dark liquid like Brandy or Port, does that mean anything to me”. I immediately say Yes! When our family gathered my Aunty Nan Always would ask for a Brandy. It became a laughing point for us all, knowing exactly what Aunty Nan would order at a gathering. Then Maryann texted again, “Can I call you”? I’m sitting here in my car and these messages are coming fast and furious. I say, Yes! So, Maryann calls me, and says she’s seeing a large gathering, lots of love in this group with much celebration. Aunty Nan is holding Aunty Mary’s hand and they step forward out of this group and say, This is Grand, just Grand…………..This is exactly the adjective my Aunty Nan And Aunty Mary would use in life when we would have joyous gatherings. I was just overjoyed. Maryann said the chatter was fast and furious…I say, Yip, that’s my family.

Maryann hangs up, and I think, I should have a port (which I would never do being that I was barely post-op from my major wrist surgery). But, I felt compelled to pour a Port in my delicate Port glass. I take a picture if it, and as I go to send it to Maryann, she calls me again, and says, the chatter continued and they told her that I should join them in a toast. I responded, I just did, and I sent the picture. I just can’t begin to explain how happy I felt, knowing that my loved ones were whole, and at peace, and “Alive” in the Spirit. I wholeheartedly endorse Maryann. There’s just no way she could know these things about my family other than having this gift “of sight”. I appreciate you Maryann. This is a gift you offered to me, you were not asked to, nor employed to. It was a message you relayed and it was indeed “Grand”, Thank You dear one. I give this testimony freely, and heartily.”

Kathleen A. Sumpter
“I began working with Maryann/Intuitive Services Insight® in February. I knew that I had some things to figure out. Maryann was so kind, helpful and understanding, and worked with me to find my happiness. Together we worked through an number of services, in a progression of services that lead to the next. This was kind and thoughtful and guiding to me. She was able to help me gain insight into some deep seeded issues. Maryann/Intuitive Services Insight, is a professional, reliable, compassionate service that is in touch with everyone she sees. She gets to the root of the problem and always discusses next steps with her clients to ensure that they are willing and able to do the hard emotional work that may come from her sessions. I am eternally grateful for all of the work she help me to do.”
Gina Lewis

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