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Client Testimonials*
While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials posted on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using any of the services offered on this website for any particular issue, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

“Maryann was highly recommended to me as being a very skilled intuitive/energetic healer. I have to say I was not disappointed.

At the time I consulted Maryann, I had had stage 3 cancer as well as loss of use of my left hand and arm (as a result of nerve damage from an operation), peripheral neuropathy (caused by chemo) and a chronic lung infection that I had for the past 18 months.

Maryann was very quick to read my energy field and highlighted an issue I had with personal boundaries in this lifetime. When locating the origin of this issue she regressed me to a lifetime I had 18 lifetimes ago. This is something I had been carrying over lifetime after lifetime to the present. This regression did not seem strange as I could see myself in the previous lifetime. The whole process resonated with me and I could easily see how it was affecting my present life and, in particular, my current health.

For some time, I had suspected that there was some negative interference in my energy field. Once again, Maryann was quick to locate and remove negative/dark forces from my field. She achieved this in a very organised, systematic manner and took her time to make sure they were all removed. She talked me through the whole process so that I could feel what was going on. After this session I feel a lot lighter in myself and the blockages that I could feel under both arms had resolved.

For our second session Maryann had written an EFT script specifically for me. I am very familiar with EFT but have never met anyone who does it like Maryann – she truly is a master! When reading the script it was easy to see how accurately Maryann had intuitively read me. It was amazing. From the first reading it resonated with me and I could feel an energy shift.

Maryanne also did some scalar energy work on my left arm and hand. Afterwards, the pain in my hand had decreased 50% and my fingertips that are usually cold were warm.

She also took the time to explain some energy techniques, such as dowsing and toroidal field, that I could continue to do at home.

Maryann has a natural warmth and compassion that immediately makes you feel very comfortable. She also has the unique ability to combine intuition with practicality and leaves no stone unturned.

Maryann has an amazing gift and ability and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Diane Reardon, ND, Australia (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

Scalar Wave for Humans

“I believe Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®)  positive energy flow, Scalar Wave, really helped me before and after my surgery. Thank you so much!”

“I sent Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) a text message explaining that my vision is extremely blurry and I am putting a severe strain on my eyes to finish a project. Usually, once my eyes get blurry it’s time to throw in the towel “that’s it”, but, after 15min with no response from Maryann my vision improved so much that I was even able to take my glasses off. I then smiled to myself as I knew Maryann had done something [Scalar Wave] to improve my vision.”
Kevin Kaotik
Scalar Wave Technology Healing System

“I had mid back pain that was persistent for about 2-3 weeks. During my zoom session with Maryann she suggested we try Scalar wave which I was not familiar with. As she used this energy technique I could feel the it as she was talking me through it. After the session by back pain was at least 80% better and by the next day it was completely gone! I was amazed at how effective this was even through the zoom session. Thank you Maryann for freeing me from my pain!”

Michele Marcinko

“I had been having such severe back pain that it was severely impacting movement. I had been trying traditional, integrative, and holistic modalities in search of relief. When I had spoken with Maryann remotely via phone, she immediately identified the energetic root cause. In fact, she hit the nail on the head. She authored an individualized Emotional Freedom Tapping, (EFT), Script to surface, target, and evict this root cause. We executed this EFT script together, and it resonated in a resounding way. Next, Maryann did Scalar Wave which further released blocks in an unmistakable fashion. Before we began, my pain level was an 8 out of 10 when my basic movements were severely limited. Within 1.5 hrs, my pain level was down to a 4 out of 10, and I could drive, run an errand, and keep my client appointments. By the next morning, the pain was even further substantially decreased. These results were achieved remotely! Maryann explained that the body does indeed remember even though we may not want it to do so. With her laser focus while putting me at ease, she went to work, and the tangible results are indisputable. While there is understandable doubt about energy work, when you find someone of integrity and expertise like Maryann, it’s truly a blessing and a relief. I highly recommend Maryann.”

Jonathan Cabrera
“This is a testimonial for Maryann Kelly, Intuitive Services Insight®, and her work involving Emotional Freedom Tapping, EFT), Cord Removal, and Scalar Wave. I have had each of these services done either alone or in combination with beneficial results.

EFT is a non-invasive way to reset the subconscious which essentially runs 95% of our lives from programs deep within us which were set as small children. Despite the best will power, our 5% consciousness is no match for how we react and how we relive past pain and wounds as if the associated event has just happened. Reliving these past pains and wounds results from triggers impacting us emotionally, socially, and physically. These emotional, social, and physical pattern manifestations are quite real and often harmful even if no anatomical etiology can be found via the most sophisticated traditional testing. EFT does not erase what happened, but it can evict and halt the repeated, unwanted, and painful manifestations such that we no longer react as we used to and no longer relive that pain repeatedly. This has been a wonderful change for me in that previous triggers no longer have the same harmful effects.

Depending upon the manifestation and impact, an accompanying cord removal and/or Scalar Wave session may follow which accentuates the positive results. It’s wonderful to no longer feel so stuck and consumed by repeated behavior in reaction to traditional triggers. Maryann writes, with great care and detail, an EFT script specific to each client’s situation such that it resonates deeply.

While a protocol is followed as a guide in EFT, Cord Removal, and Scalar Wave, Maryann customizes each of these modalities to each client’s situation. Moreover, Maryann explains each step so that the client fully participates in the process to yield the best results. My reactions to previous triggers have dramatically changed for the better as a result of having cords removed. In several situations, my pain level on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst, began at a 9 where I could barely stand up. However, by the end of the Scalar Wave session, the pain was reduced to a 1.5 and by the next morning the pain was less than 1.5 and further diminished. I also use Scalar Wave as a kind of tune up, similar to how some have a massage, even when I am feeling well as it provides additional support in advance of planned events and enables me to enjoy events more fully.

Maryann Kelly’s work in these and other services from Intuitive Services Insight® are done with the greatest of care and attention to most optimize the results for the client. I highly recommend Maryann Kelly, Intuitive Services Insight®

Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)

“I’ve known Maryann for years and initially contacted her recently regarding my finger that remained in a partially closed painful position close to my palm such that it was very painful to fully close my hand completely, and I had been awakened multiple times, during the night, by pain radiating to my hand and wrist.

Due to COVID, I had not wanted to venture to my health care provider’s office, and I knew that Maryann worked globally and remotely with clients via ZOOM or phone. During a ZOOM session, Maryann explained that the specific finger impacted on my right hand was associated with the trauma of grief resulting from my father’s recent passing. She also explained grief in the context of emotions and their high to lower vibrations. She’d written an Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) script especially for me that really resonated to my core which enabled me to acknowledge, process, and release emotions associated with this overall grief trauma involving actually both of my parent’s passing. [My Mother passed some years ago.] As she gently guided me through how my EFT script was to be executed, she also communicated messages to me from my parents passed over which made the experience all the more amazing.

After EFT, she ran Scalar Wave which lifted the heaviness of the grief from my body. At the end of the session, I could open my right hand much more such that the impacted finger was significantly loosened. Moreover, I felt so much lighter overall. I slept so much better and my hand and wrist did not awaken me throughout the night with pain as had been happening. While our bodies age and have anatomical issues, it is also noteworthy to experience just how much is not confined to anatomical constraints, and that the energy we can each indeed harness can release us from pain and from the associated physical manifestations. It’s marvelous what Maryann can do remotely addressing not only what you bring to her but also what she finds as part of the comprehensive real root cause.”

E. Raye LaValley
“I kept my hard earned wisdom, but evicted wisdom teeth pain NON-INVASIVELY! I’ve known Maryann for almost 5yrs and have taken advantage of several of her services. Most recently, I had pain from impacted wisdom teeth. Like many, my livelihood has been COVID impacted as I am a ballroom dance teacher so all the more important that an non-invasive option was successful. Consistent with how Maryann works, she blends modalities for client specific situations. As a result of a blended application of Mediumship, Scalar Wave & Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), not only has the pain been alleviated, but I no longer feel the pressure of the impacted position of my wisdom teeth. I also like that I was again actively involved and had a significant part to play in this process. This is another hallmark about how Maryann works in that she takes the time to teach you tools you can use in the future. I highly recommend Maryann from Intuitive Services Insight®.”
Jonathan Cabrera
Scalar Wave Technology Healing System

Bandit – before

Bandit - after Scalar Wave

Bandit – after Scalar Wave

A delightful sign that the pet is experiencing the intended shift from Scalar Wave is that the pet becomes relaxed, as evident here by these before and after pictures provided by the owner.

Scalar Wave for Animals

Dog Bandit: “Over the phone working remotely, Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, worked on Bandit’s trauma of hearing an unusual loud noise in the distance. She would become very scared and quickly returned to the house. When Bandit again heard a loud noise in the distance again, I just told Bandit that she was safe. She looked around, and we were able to continue on our way!”

Doreen DiAntonio
Scalar Wave Technology Healing System

Scooter – before

Scooter - after Scalar Wave

Scooter – after Scalar Wave

Scalar Wave for Animals

Dog Scooter: “Over the phone working remotely, Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, worked on Scooter’s issue with eating. He is now not needing to pick up his head as much to eat. I will also say that his coughing has been a bit less as well. You work with compassion and want the best for the animal and/or person you are working with. Again, it was a pleasure working with you! Thank you for all your help with my two loves: Scooter and Bandit. They are doing better because of your work with them.”

Doreen DiAntonio

Dr Bernadette Spector relays background regarding her & Maryann Kelly’s learning/application of Emotional Freedom Tapping & Scalar Wave which are for people & pets.

“I had major wrist surgery February 27th 2019. Maryann was inquiring about my initial post-op recovery, which, I have to admit, was significantly more intense than I had anticipated. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) reviewed EFT with me, and I was on board. Later that day, I was tapping and allowing my body to be present and open. Interestingly, I felt a surge of calmness, ease of stress, and a reduction in my pain. It was so tangible. Then, something more intriguing happened. Maryann reached out exactly at this time, and asked, “How are you feeling”? And I shared this impressive feeling and pain relief I was experiencing, which was beyond, I thought I could feel by tapping. Maryann shared with me that she just ran a Scalar Wave for me (I didn’t even know what a Scalar Wave was). I shared that I could honestly feel this surge of “energy” if you will, a feeling of wellness, stillness, peacefulness, and thankfully, pain relief. I was so impressed that Maryann reached out at that particular time when I was tapping. I can’t explain it. All I can do is tell you what happened, and I’m thankful for it. More importantly, I’m thankful for Maryann, who devoted her precious time to help me. I highly recommend Maryann in this field of Energy Work. She had a gift. She cares about people, and I’m Blessed to make her acquaintance.”
Kathleen Sumpter
“I love having Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® do scalar work with me as it helps me feel more centered and balanced. I particularly find it useful before international travel where long flights and jet lag can be seriously disruptive. The scalar work makes me feel more alive and ready to hit the ground running upon reaching my destination. I’ve definitely found an increase in my physical mobility and my mental concentration to spite the 15-hour time difference of my usual destination. Thanks so much, Maryann!”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)

Dr Bernadette Spector’s Testimonial relays alleviation of pain via Scalar Wave

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