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Paula Pennington Endorses Maryann Kelly:Organic Delivery Style; Engaging Speaker-Informative Seminars

Gene LaPierre Endorses Maryann Kelly as Great Communicator Speaker during Seminar: Attendees Learned How to Read Auras

“Your (Intuitive Services Insight®) lecture was wonderful, excellent, and enjoyable. Would love to talk you about having a past lives reading.”
“I enjoyed hearing how Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) left the mainstream and started listening to her intuition. Hopefully with some of the tips, I will be able to listen better as well.”
“I learned a lot about myself & gained confidence. I will be calling Intuitive Services Insight® for a personal appointment.”
“Your (Intuitive Services Insight®) session provided good guidelines for defining intuition; instilled a message to listen to it; and to live your truth.”
“Thank you (Intuitive Services Insight®) for sharing all this valuable information. I am inspired to practice growing my intuitive skills”
“I enjoyed listening to your (Intuitive Services Insight®) views and explanations. It was very informative. Also learning and doing these exercise was amazing and really helped me understand intuition.”
Renee and Chloe
“Enjoyed your (Intuitive Services Insight®) Intuition workshop. Loved the activities. Looking forward to more. Interested in 1:1 development.”
“Interesting (Intuitive Services Insight®) Intuition Class exercises & the class allowed me to recenter and understand myself better.”
“The Intuitive Services Insight® intuition class was informative and I liked the exercises to understand intuition.”
“I learned a lot from Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) seminar about the process of conducting a Reading from a behind the scenes view regarding the role of the Medium. Maryann is the most ethical person I know who puts 200% into what she does. I applaud her passion to honor the messages from spirit and to honor the client with compassion. She is a remarkable speaker who can break down a topic about doing readings and make it relatable to a broad cross section of attendees. Her style was welcoming, warm, and encouraging. Her introduction of exercises and tasteful use of humor promoted interaction naturally. It was a very informative and enjoyable evening.”
“This was a great presentation. It was complete, informative, and entertaining. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®)  is the REAL DEAL. She takes the “woo woo” to a practical “WOW WOW”. The presentation was perfect. It couldn’t have been better.”
Dr. Bernadette Spector
“This was a delightful insight into the workings of a truly gifted intuitive. I’ve never heard an intuitive explain so clearly how the process works from the intuitive side during a reading. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) is a fantastic speaker.”
“I enjoyed Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) presentation! It gave good insights into her services offered. I particularly enjoyed reading each other’s auras as that offered a practical way to learn. I am definitely going to see how I can expand my learning. Knowing Maryann from having worked in the corporate world together, I know she is 100% honest and that goes a long way since it is not easy to tell if someone is truthful! Thank you for taking the time to do his as it has opened up my mind to new things!”
“Intuitive Services Insight®, thanks for the great presentation and insight into the intuitive process and spirit interactions.”
“I attended Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) Nov 16th class, and it was very easy to understand and apply what I learned. I was able to read someone else’s aura by the end of the class which I had never done previously … it was amazing!”
“Intuitive Services Insight®, another informative learning session to assist me on my personal journey.”
“Very informative, Intuitive Services Insight®. I would love to do a private session.”
“Intuitive Services Insight®, really enjoyed the education and knowledge regarding cords, negative entities, and dark entities. I was mesmerized throughout the session”
Kathleen L.
“Intuitive Services Insight®, the session was very informative and gave me a lot to think about.”
Gina L.
“Intuitive Services Insight®, Seminar 2: This was a great presentation. It was complete, informative, and entertaining. Maryann is the REAL DEAL. She takes the “woo woo” to a practical “WOW WOW”. The presentation was perfect. It couldn’t have been better.”
Bernadette Spector, V.M.D.
Using Intuition in Business
“Maryann Kelly’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) presentation on Intuition was very informative. She is quite a dynamic and engaging speaker, talking about her own experiences and making it real . The one-on-one intuitive sessions she had us doing with each other were fun, eye opening and made us think as to what we could do or not and how. I left the session wanting to know more. Thank you Maryann, great job!”
Dr. Bernadette Spector
“Intuitive Services Insight®, Intuition Parts I & II really have reinforced my belief that there is a divine plan that only becomes apparent when you relax and give up control.”
“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) gives us so much to think about and how to trust ourselves.”
“I truly enjoyed your (Intuitive Services Insight®) class. I do get gut feelings, but at times, I ignore them. So tonight, getting in tune with my feelings, relaxing, and letting it go, I could trust the information I was getting.”
“Excellent Class, Intuitive Services Insight®! Looking forward to a Reading and next class, part #3.”
“Intuitive Services Insight®, I enjoyed learning about intuition. It opened my mind up to be more open in receiving the information there for me. It made me more aware.”
“Maryann Kelly (Intuitive Services Insight®) has assisted me one-on-one and I have observed her speak in group settings. She is (as they would say in Boston) “wicked smart”. Her experience as a C-suite player enables an enormous amount of insight to those who have business issues they wish to address in her readings. As an intuitive, I have a high degree of confidence in her readings and have found her insight to be very helpful. “
“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) is a down to earth speaker who relates to everyone from all walks of life and beliefs with ease. Lively participation is organic and not forced due to Maryann’s engaging style. She welcomes questions and enjoys challenges. Everyone’s contribution is valued. Maryann’s integrity in her work is palpable. Her respect for the work as sacred is readily apparent. A topic such as” How Readings Are Done” may be considered esoteric, but Maryann can present it in a way that is digestible, meaningful, informative, and interesting. Her interjection of appropriate humor energized the group throughout the evening.”
“Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) workshop was packed with information that was clear, concise, and with a little entertaining humor to keep us engaged. Maryann is such a wonderful speaker. Thank you!”
“Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) presentation was very informative and powerful!”
Lisa Mann
“Love learning and expanding my knowledge with the help of Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®). The classes are fun and lighthearted.”
“Presentation was enlightening and humorous. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) made the whole group feel comfortable from the start.”
“I was not sure what to expect, but thoroughly enjoyed Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) wisdom, passion, and humor.”
“Each time I hear Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®), I learn something new. She has also taught me how to exercise my intuitive muscle more.”
Dr. Bernadette Spector
“It was incredible to be in this space and hear and see the courage that Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) has to be true to herself. Thank you for sharing your gifts with everyone!”
“I always enjoy the classes and positive energy that flows from Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®). I’m learning more and more about areas of Intuition. Keeps me coming back for more.”
Christine S.
“Intuitive Services Insight®,  Seminar 3: Each time I hear Maryann, I learn something new. She has also taught me how to exercise my intuitive muscle more. As a Veterinarian, VMD, I have referred several patients to Maryann at Intuitive Services Insight for selected cases regarding Scalar Wave, and Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping because I feel her expertise can help these pets.”
Bernadette Spector, V.M.D.

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