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Scalar Wave Energy Sessions

Scalar Wave Technology Sessions

Dr Bernadette Spector’s Testimonial relays alleviation of discomfort via Scalar Wave

scalar wave healing system

Animal Scalar Wave – see testimonials

Dr Bernadette Spector relays background regarding her & Maryann Kelly’s learning/application of Emotional Freedom Techniques & Scalar Wave which are for people & pets.

During Scalar Wave sessions, energy is run through Chakras and other points through a specific sequence. Scalar Energy is considered a subtle form of energy that can help to balance a body’s biofield. Scalar wave sessions are scheduled, as recommended, after an initial reading. This integrates well with other modalities, such as Holistic Health Readings and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is not intended, for this work, to be a standalone scalar wave energy healing modality.

Scalar waves are also called ‘electromagnetic longitudinal waves’, ‘Maxwellian waves’, or ‘Teslawellen’ (‘Tesla waves’). Scalar electromagnetics (also known as scalar energy) can be thought of as the background quantum mechanical fluctuations and associated zero-point energies.

Scalar wave may benefit people as well as pets.

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Pets done remotely via ZOOM.

Combination Packages:
Package Rates available for multiple sessions.
Payable in advance via PayPal.
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It’s possible for you to:

  • Rejuvenate before or after procedures, events, trips

  • Transform energy stolen by unwanted manifestations to reapply for what you want

  • Balance irregularities resulting in unwanted behaviors, unease

  • Experience empowering and non-invasive modality to address broad ranging issues

  • Tap into your own energy anywhere as renewable fuel for solutions

Client Testimonials*
While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials posted on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using any of the services offered on this website for any particular issue, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.


“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, I believe your positive energy flow, Scalar Wave, really helped me before and after my surgery. Thank you so much!”

“I sent Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) a text message explaining that my vision is extremely blurry and I am putting a severe strain on my eyes to finish a project. Usually, once my eyes get blurry it’s time to throw in the towel “that’s it”, but, after 15min with no response from Maryann my vision improved so much that I was even able to take my glasses off. I then smiled to myself as I knew Maryann had done something [Scalar Wave] to improve my vision.”

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