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“Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) did a Spiritual Clearing of my home and the associated land. The sincerity of her focused intention was palpable as she thoroughly went from room to room, ceiling to floor, with sage and then sweetgrass. It’s clear that she considers her work sacred, and I am certain that no one else could have done a better clearing for my home and property given her attention to detail and caring.”
“Several months after this initial session mentioned above, I requested a land and home clearing as well as having another session with Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) regarding insights on my path and continued development of my intuitive skills via holistic work. After this session, I reported to Maryann: “The house and car cleansing really put my mind at ease in knowing that our land and home now are now protected. The session with Maryann about whether I was following my path in this lifetime really hit the mark when she described what it was that I felt in my heart. Thank you Maryann, this has given both me and my husband something we have always believed in but could now proceed with confidence and certainty.”
Monica Moo Chen Ling

“I have been struggling with anxiety and depression, more than usual the past several weeks. Now we know why. Living here was making me ill. Anyway, I felt a lightening and a brightening at the end of last week after Maryann, from Intuitive Services Insight®, finished the property clearing. Both my grown daughters had described our community as a sad place with a heaviness to it. My house is in the center of our community. On Monday of this week, one of my daughters was here, and she could not believe how much lighter and brighter things appeared here on the grounds and in the house. She said that as she pulled into the drive, she felt it was welcoming. She went room to room and she felt a difference from the last time that she was here. Thank You.”

Kathy S.
Space Clearing Services
“I had a great experience during my Spiritual Reading and Vehicle Clearing with Intuitive Services Insight®. I appreciated Maryann’s focus during our session while still allowing for the space to ask questions. During the vehicle clearing, Maryann went above and beyond “clearing.” Past removing unwanted energy, she connected themes from our previous reading in order to provide meaningful insight about relationships and spiritual growth. What also stood out to me was the practical application Maryann provided. She gave concrete examples to illustrate her insights as well as provided helpful exercises to maintain the positive energy. Maryann beautifully blends spiritual and practical aspects in her readings, which tend to “keep on giving” past session. Thank you, Maryann.”

Jonathan Cabrera Endorses Maryann Kelly Home Energy Clearing Service: Zen & Light Experience

“I own a medical practice and have video surveillance both outside the premises and inside the waiting room area. One of my staff members was looking at the video of the waiting room surveillance and saw what appeared to be a black orb going across the room several times. Another staff member saw the same orb traversing the waiting room. They brought this to my attention and yes, it was undeniable, that indeed a black orb was traversing my waiting room as captured on video multiple times.

I contacted Maryann Kelly, Intuitive Services Insight, and she was able to quickly identify that this was nothing harmful but rather was an unascended spirit looking to connect with a loved one who had been under the care of our practice some time ago.

Maryann was able to quickly help this spirit proceed on it’s journey, and as she stated, it no longer appeared putting us all at ease. When bizarre things happen, it is especially helpful to know someone trustworthy and skilled in addressing such events.”

M.D. Medical Practice Owner

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