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Spiritual Clearing of Property Areas (Land, Structure, Room, Home) or Vehicle

space clearing services

“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, did a Spiritual Clearing of my home and the associated land. The sincerity of her focused intention was palpable as she thoroughly went from room to room, ceiling to floor, with sage and then sweetgrass. It’s clear that she considers her work sacred, and I am certain that no one else could have done a better clearing for my home and property given her attention to detail and caring.” – Jon

“I had a great experience during my Spiritual Reading and Vehicle Clearing with Intuitive Services Insight®. I appreciated Maryann’s focus during our session while still allowing for the space to ask questions. During the vehicle clearing, Maryann went above and beyond “clearing.” Past removing unwanted energy, she connected themes from our previous reading in order to provide meaningful insight about relationships and spiritual growth. What also stood out to me was the practical application Maryann provided. She gave concrete examples to illustrate her insights as well as provided helpful exercises to maintain the positive energy. Maryann beautifully blends spiritual and practical aspects in her readings, which tend to “keep on giving” past session. Thank you, Maryann.” – Kris

“Several months after my initial session, I requested a land and home clearing as well as having another session with Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight™) regarding insights on my path and continued development of my intuitive skills via holistic work. After this session, I reported to Maryann: “The house and car cleansing really put my mind at ease in knowing that our land and home now are now protected. The session with Maryann about whether I was following my path in this lifetime really hit the mark when she described what it was that I felt in my heart. Thank you Maryann, this has given both me and my husband something we have always believed in but could now proceed with confidence and certainty.” – Monica Moo Chen Ling

Property Clearing – See Testimonials

Similar to how cords or entities impact people, diverse types of energy forms, can reside or be associated with a piece of land, structure, or vehicle causing undesired impacts. For these space clearing services, I will advise as to when this work will be finished depending upon findings per the assessment done.

Spiritual Clearing of Property (Land, Structure, Room, Home)
Pricing Available on Appointments Page
for residential property areas per 3000 sq ft home/structure including the associated land per 1 acre

Spiritual Clearing of Vehicle
Pricing Available on Appointments Page

If the residential property home/structure is greater than 3000 sq ft and/or has more than 1 acre of land, please send Maryann a note with the square footage of the home/structure and with the acreage associated with the property, and Maryann will send a quote for these Spiritual Clearing of Property Areas Services.

Next, your phone number, the street address of the property (not a PO BOX) and a maximum of 4-5 pictures of the property, including the front, back, side(s) of the exterior of the property; and a picture of each room of the interior of the home or other structures (shed/barn); and/or 1 picture of the vehicle, including the front of the vehicle, are to be sent via email, the same day that you make the appointment, to

Clients sending pictures warrant that pictures are allowed to be shared and are not infringing any copyright or other protection.

There is no need to include any license plate information as such is not relevant to this work. Include the same client name as is associated with the request for these services in the emails with the photos for the property or vehicle so that I know which photos are for which client. If there are questions about the photos or the process, such will be addressed during the phone session. Otherwise, an actual phone conversation may not be necessary.

Two weeks after receipt of your phone number and corresponding pictures, I will advise as to when the clearing will be done. When the clearing will be done depends upon assessment findings or how much has to be cleared. After the clearing is done, I will contact you via email to schedule a phone session to review the findings.

  • Determine if unwanted energies are associated with your home/residential property or vehicle

  • Explain curious events, noises

  • Obtain peace of mind

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