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Emotional Freedom Technique – See Testimonials

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Dr Bernadette Spector relays background regarding her & Maryann Kelly’s learning/application of Emotional Freedom Tapping & Scalar Wave which are for people & pets.

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is a tapping therapy approach that can calm the nervous system; aid healing; and alleviate anxiety / pain. EFT tapping is rooted in Chinese Medicine such that each meridian is associated with an emotion/feeling. Via energetic tapping based on a sequence and specific script associated with the situation, behaviors can change working collaboratively with people and/or for the pet owner and the pet. EFT can be done remotely just like Services such as Readings, Past Life Regressions, and Cord/Entity Removals can be done remotely. Emotional Freedom Therapy sessions are scheduled via the PHONE/Zoom option.

People EFT:
To determine if EFT is recommended for you, there needs to be one Reading before EFT would be scheduled.

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I use proprietary scripts in conjunction with my Mediumship skills to feel when shifts are happening with clients which enable the surfacing and releasing of traumas.

*All EFT scripts are proprietary property of Intuitive Services Insight® and are executed real time during scheduled ZOOM sessions. Since they are written specifically to surface and release trauma while guidance can be provided during the sessions, they are not given to clients to use independently outside of the sessions and are not for distribution . These are different than generic scripts.

Follow-up EFT:
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Animal Communication with EFT:
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Combination Packages:
Package Rates available for multiple sessions.
Payable in advance via PayPal.
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  • Experience empowering and non-invasive modality to address broad ranging issues

  • Tap into your own energy anywhere as renewable fuel for solutions

  • Apply specific scripts for you/your pet to unearth deep seated core issues


“I consulted Maryann regarding a family concern. She was so understanding and able to “feel” what was happening. I felt an immediate connection with her. Maryann prepared a personalized Emotional Freedom Technique script helping me to navigate through a very difficult family situation which weighed heavily oh my heart. The details of the Emotional Freedom script were personalized to every detail, which included each member of my immediate family whom she had never met. What is truly amazing, the personal information she collected intuitively demonstrated her keen insight and abilities. She has never met anyone in my family and the script read as if she knew each of them intimately. The EFT lifted both the emotional and physical symptoms brought on by this family trauma. I felt dramatic relief and exhilaration. It was profound to have the burden lifted. It made me understand the interconnectedness of all our lives and it is no accident that people like Maryann come into our lives. I am reminded to trust the twist and turns of life’s journey and there are gifted healers like Maryann to help you through challenges.”
– Peg Borkowski-Gryger

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