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Intuition Coaching and Mentoring: Adults & Teens

intuition coaching and mentoring
intuition coaching and mentoring

”Maryann Kelly (Intuitive Services Insight®) has assisted me one-on-one and I have observed her speak in group settings. She is (as they would say in Boston) “wicked smart”. Her experience as a C-suite player enables an enormous amount of insight to those who have business issues they wish to address in her readings. As an intuitive, I have a high degree of confidence in her readings and have found her insight to be very helpful.” – Mike

“Finding a mentor in this field who has the right combination of extensive experience, ability to concretely share methods, tools and application, and is aligned to always serve the light, is hard to find. Mentoring with Maryann has not only been a fun and hilarious experience because her sense of humor is so enjoyable, and gives me confidence to do the work correctly. It’s brought me clear alignment with my own guides, greater discernment and new perspectives about how to approach different topics with clients. My scope of knowledge has increased tenfold and my time with Maryann is invaluable.” – Corinne R.

“Maryann is a gem. Her life experiences serve as the backdrop of so many interesting stories to help understand how intuition can be applied and to demonstrate different ways mediumship can be used to benefit others. Mentoring under Maryann is the best investment I’ve made in myself and my practice. Every session leaves me with a wealth of information, all of my questions answered, and practical application of the topics we’ve discussed. She’s sincere, graceful, smart, and funny. Without a doubt, I recommend anyone looking for mentorship to lighten and brighten your day with Maryann’s wit and wisdom!” – Lorrie C.

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Recognize and Apply Intuition: Yours and Others

Effectiveness & Ethics

M. Marcinko

Intuitive Mentoring in Mediumship versus Psychic Development Classes: In the context of my work, a psychic isn’t necessarily a medium, but a medium is a psychic. This is an important distinction to understand. In short, psychics read the energy of the person whereas mediums read the energy of broader physical and non-physical sources as related to the person(s) or situation being read. Thus, my mentoring is based upon Mediumship.

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Intuitive Mentoring

In this series, I emphasize how you can take action based upon intuition. Given my practical nature, this series is designed to guide participants as to how to make their intuition intentional by listening and acting upon it.

It’s possible for you to:

  • Access your intuition to have an advantage & find your own answers

  • Create calmness and clarity in stressful situations

  • Achieve your highest potential

  • Apply simple tools to stay grounded and be in present time

  • Validate instincts & integrate your intuition in everyday life

Intuitive Mentoring Programs are intended for:

  • Those who want to gain insight into their own intuition, validate their instincts, or are looking to move forward in their healing journey.

  • Professionals desiring to integrate intuition, passion, and values to achieve their highest potential while honoring their integrity.

  • Applying intuition in business, as a corporate intuitive, in the workplace can help not only the person using his/her intuition but also can help those around him/her.

  • Teens looking to learn how to integrate intuition sooner rather than later as an additional tool for life skills. This mentoring is customized for the individual teen to help navigate expected and unexpected challenges; implications of illness; and to develop and execute verbal/written communications skills for constructive application across varying situations.

Individual Intuitive Mentoring Packages:
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Combination Packages:
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  • Accessing Your Intuition: In these sessions, intuition is defined and differentiated from instinct and decision making. Also, the value of intuition is put into context as it is smarter than any SmartPhone; faster than Facebook; and more Intriguing than the Internet. I guide attendees how they can access their intuition which is their own personal infinite resource that is always available. Please see blog post, “Differentiating and Accessing Intuition”, for more information.

  • Developing Your Mediumship Capabilities: As a follow-on to Accessing Your Intuition, this coaching is intended to guide participants through steps taken to access more of their intuition to obtain messages for themselves or to provide mediumship services to others. In the blog post, “What is Involved in Mentoring Others in Mediumship”, some applications of mediumship are identified.

  • The Mentoring Program includes the roles the following can play to assist you along your journey: Spiritual guides, and totem animals; Angels, Archangels, Master Teachers, Divine Wisdom; Grounding; Chakras and why their balance is important; Self-protection; Entities, Manifestation based upon thought and intention.

  • Establishing and Running a Business as Soul Centered Solopreneur or Entrepreneur: Leveraging my 33 years working globally in corporate roles and having transitioned to holistic work, I provide practical direction regarding products/services, budgeting, target marketing, and other elements. Please see blog post, “Being a Soul Centered Solopreneur / Entrepreneur”, for more information.

  • Coaching/Mentoring 1 Person: Business Mentoring:  I also apply my intuition as I mentor clients in Business subject matter which enables me to more quickly customize content and delivery for individual and team effectiveness. As a versatile Executive Leader, I have been in client / vendor roles, with more than three decades of applied interdisciplinary expertise and adaptable strategies integrating technology, process engineering, portfolio benefit realization, and complex vendor solutions of up to $11 Billion in portfolio value, which enables me to both rapidly pinpoint enterprise challenges and propose cost effective options and strategies. I’ve been a trusted intrapreneur and advisor to C-Level Executive Teams ensuring awareness of risk mitigation, leading indicators for strategic positioning, and geopolitical elements. I’ve had varying global responsibilities ranging from critical situation management to strategic marketing exclusivity.

    My enthusiastic mentoring style and approachability have inspired those with whom I’ve worked at all levels. I’ve lived and worked abroad and traveled to over one-hundred cities across multiple continents which has been an instrumental factor to my ability to keenly pinpoint and critique what is the same rather than just what may appear to be different. Industry experience includes Information Technology, Financial Services, Insurance, Mortgage, Health Care, Benefit Administration, and Professional Services. Hallmark “CORP” expertise includes:

    • Contract Optimization, and Commercial Writing
    • Organizational Change Management, OCM, including Mentoring
    • Risk Management
    • Project Management including Project Management Office, Vendor Management / Governance, Technology, and Business Process Engineering

    My credentials from my corporate career include my earning a Bachelor of Science with a dual major from St. Joseph’s University in Finance and Information Systems, Summa Cum Laude, on an accelerated basis while working in the medical profession. I had also earned an Advanced Project Management Certification from Stanford University and the prestigious Lloyd’s of London Reinsurance Certification.

Client Testimonials*
While Maryann Kelly cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials posted on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using any of the services offered on this website for any particular issue, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

“Maryann’s mentoring in project management grounded me in fundamentals so that I can leverage what I have learned for decades to come throughout my career. While she focused on concrete examples applicable to my current work, she took the opportunity as well to explain how much more broadly and deeply principles of project management, like risk management, could apply across financial risk, reputational risk, market risk, & operational risk which all have both tactical and strategic implications. Along with mentoring in the practicality of IT estimating; budget management; change management; Statements of Work; deliverables management; benefits realization; and vendor management, she incorporated so much including actual examples about the importance of soft skills in people/project team leadership; vendor negotiations; and critical situation management. She heightened my appreciation for identifying leading indicators to both optimize results and to avoid risks/issues and for how an isolated anomaly may really be the beginning of a new trend warranting notice. The role play examples she integrated throughout this mentoring palpably illustrated that effective communications is key to success and team motivation. Time flew by during my sessions as the fundamentals were comprehensively covered within the context of her plethora of on-site and virtual team examples drawing upon her decades of global experience responsible for impacts into the billions. Maryann is passionate about helping others learn, and her enthusiasm and humor make her mentoring sessions productive, invaluable, and enjoyable.” – Vikram Shah

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Maryann Kelly – Speaker & Mentoring Video: Cross industry professionals such as Dr Bernadette Spector (Veterinarian); Paula Pennington (Education); Jonathan Carbrera (Arts); Gene LaPierre (Arts); & Samir Shah (Information Technology) provided individual testimonials regarding Maryann Kelly’s outstanding Speaking and Mentoring Services reaching diverse audiences.

Everyone Can Access Intuition

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