Animal Communication and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

animal communication sessions
“I was distraught about my cat, Pete, who was acting sick. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) was able to connect with Pete (remotely) and assure me that it wasn’t serious. I felt so much better after that, and in a couple of hours, he was fine. He had gotten into something he should not have. She even nailed his personality 100%.”
“A most painful and devastating final parting with our most dear companion, Edwin, led to a session with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® such that we may communicate with him. This ability brought much-needed closure, and a resurgence of all the love, energy, and positivity he brought to our lives. Edwin remains a most amazing cat. Thank you, Edwin, for sharing your life with us. Thank you Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT for helping us communicate with Edwin once again.”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)
“I recently contacted Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) to ask her to read into a situation with my dog. I was worried after the latest vet visit and wanted to get a sense of what my dog was feeling about the situation. Maryann was able to read her immediately and not only pick up on the physical ailment but was able to alleviate my concerns. She knew right away what was happening and more impressively; she was able to relay the information back to me in a way that my dog would speak it if she could – in her own personality! I highly recommend Maryann for connecting to and communicating with your four-legged companion!”
Dr. E. J.
“After working with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® for several other readings, I decided to have her read one of our cats, Tali, who had become reclusive and distant. We wanted to make sure Tali was well and know if there was anything we might do for her. After having Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT read Tali, we learned insights into her behavior and have been able to communicate with her on a much more personal level. We routinely talk with and invite Tali to come hang out with us, and she has been taking us up on our invitations and becoming more of a part of the family. I credit Tali’s change in behavior with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT being a conduit for us and being the facilitator for our new expanded relationship with Tali!”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired) & Adam Schabtach

“Maryann Kelly from Intuitive Services Insight® recently had done a reading on Maddy, our Alpha cat, who is one of 5 cats in our home. Maddy had become too aggressive in controlling the simplest behaviors of the other cats and being vengeful about sharing any space. Consequently, Maryann wrote a set of Emotion Freedom Tapping, EFT, scripts for both me and Maddy which she executed remotely. The crux of the script for Maddy was to reassure her that none of the other cats were threatening her Alpha position and she could maintain her desired Alpha position while sharing space peacefully and not instilling constant unnecessary fear. Within 24 hours, Maddy did allow the other most vulnerable cat, Tali, to be within 2 feet of her while Tali ate. While this may sound commonplace, Tali, for the last 7 of 9 yrs, had stayed completely away, in anti-social seclusion, from Maddy; our other 3 cats; and us, the owners. As a result of Maryann’s respective EFT work on both Tali, to return to being the social cat she had been for the 1st 2 of 9 yrs, and on Maddy, to learn how to maintain Alpha status while not being unnecessarily aggressive, my partner and I, along with all of our cats can enjoy peaceful playful interaction instead of being on alert to referee aggressive behavior. Thank you Maryann as it’s a welcome change to have all of our family together in harmony.”

Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired) & Adam Schabtach

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