Animal Telepathy Communication and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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Zed cat

“Zed is our more mellow cat. I have been working through Complex PTSD & Tension Myoneural/Myositis Syndrome (TMS) issues and making measurable progress with Maryann Kelly, Intuitive Services Insight. Given the amount of work such progress requires and given that Zed has no other agenda but to provide unconditional love and affection, Maryann suggested that Zed be asked to be a conduit of energy to support my progress. His role as conduit does not deplete or hurt him in any way. With my agreement as the pet owner, and with Maryann participating in her role as Animal Communicator, Zed was asked to be such a conduit of energy. As a result, Zed, has taken his newly assigned role quite seriously in a heart warming way. Now, Zed is ever by my side by sitting/lying with me and is ever attentive to my needs similar to how a service animal would be. While Zed had not previously been far removed from me, now, it is absolutely clear that he enjoys and takes seriously his newly assigned role. The consistency of his dedication to his newly assigned role has not wavered as evidenced by his consistent behavior over these last months. Given that pets are incapable of reacting with a placebo response, their change in behavior is more directly correlated to this Animal Communication energy work.”

Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)

“Garrus, is one of a few cats we have had in our home for an extended period of years. A few weeks ago, he began yowling and loudly demanding attention just for the sake of attention as nothing was wrong. Garrus is a mature cat who has happily been with us for years. Garrus’ puzzling behavior became quite disruptive to the entire household such that if he noticed anyone moving, taking a trip to the rest room, etc., any activity seemed to justify his yowling which demanded, unreasonably, the start of day according to his expectation event if it were 5am. He was also becoming uncharacteristically a bit aggressive towards the other cats when peaceful circumstances had not changed and there was plenty of food and attention for all. Maryann, in her Animal Communicator Role, was asked to find out what the catalyst was for Garrus’ change in behavior. What was found was that as the other cats in the home had roles that had evolved, mostly organically, in the home, Garrus was feeling as though his role was too undefined so he resorted to demanding attention and asserting himself with a bit of unjustified aggressiveness which are not tolerated in our peaceful home. Maryann’s reading or communicating with Garrus resulted in Garrus being assigned a new role as the Ambassador of Peace in our home. This role does not conflict with the roles of the other cats and is highly regarded in our home as peace is a coveted attribute of our home. Instead of being unnecessarily aggressive towards the other cats or yowling in the middle of the night just to get unwarranted attention, he now takes pride in his position as the Ambassador of Peace as he patrols in non-disruptive ways. He now more peacefully shares space with the other cats. Given that pets are incapable of reacting with a placebo response, their change in behavior is more directly correlated to this Animal Communication energy work.”

Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)
“I was distraught about my cat, Pete, who was acting sick. Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) was able to connect with Pete (remotely) and assure me that it wasn’t serious. I felt so much better after that, and in a couple of hours, he was fine. He had gotten into something he should not have. She even nailed his personality 100%.”
“I recently contacted Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) to ask her to read into a situation with my dog. I was worried after the latest vet visit and wanted to get a sense of what my dog was feeling about the situation. Maryann was able to read her immediately and not only pick up on the physical ailment but was able to alleviate my concerns. She knew right away what was happening and more impressively; she was able to relay the information back to me in a way that my dog would speak it if she could – in her own personality! I highly recommend Maryann for connecting to and communicating with your four-legged companion!”
Dr. E. J.
Animal Telepathy and Tapping Therapy
“After working with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® for several other readings, I decided to have her read one of our cats, Tali, who had become reclusive and distant. We wanted to make sure Tali was well and know if there was anything we might do for her. After having Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT read Tali, we learned insights into her behavior and have been able to communicate with her on a much more personal level. We routinely talk with and invite Tali to come hang out with us, and she has been taking us up on our invitations and becoming more of a part of the family. I credit Tali’s change in behavior with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT being a conduit for us and being the facilitator for our new expanded relationship with Tali!”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired) & Adam Schabtach
Animal Telepathy and Tapping Therapy

“Maryann Kelly from Intuitive Services Insight® recently had done a reading on Maddy, our Alpha cat, who is one of 5 cats in our home. Maddy had become too aggressive in controlling the simplest behaviors of the other cats and being vengeful about sharing any space. Consequently, Maryann wrote a set of Emotion Freedom Tapping, EFT, scripts for both me and Maddy which she executed remotely. The crux of the script for Maddy was to reassure her that none of the other cats were threatening her Alpha position and she could maintain her desired Alpha position while sharing space peacefully and not instilling constant unnecessary fear. Within 24 hours, Maddy did allow the other most vulnerable cat, Tali, to be within 2 feet of her while Tali ate. While this may sound commonplace, Tali, for the last 7 of 9 yrs, had stayed completely away, in anti-social seclusion, from Maddy; our other 3 cats; and us, the owners. As a result of Maryann’s respective EFT work on both Tali, to return to being the social cat she had been for the 1st 2 of 9 yrs, and on Maddy, to learn how to maintain Alpha status while not being unnecessarily aggressive, my partner and I, along with all of our cats can enjoy peaceful playful interaction instead of being on alert to referee aggressive behavior. Thank you Maryann as it’s a welcome change to have all of our family together in harmony.”

Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired) & Adam Schabtach
Animal Communication Eileeen-DaisyDog-052420

“Maryann has been so helpful to me during some trying times with my little furry soulmate, Daisy. Maryann confirmed Daisy was losing her eyesight and hearing when I noticed she was following and needing to touch my leg to get around – particularly when she needed to go outside. As her health slowly deteriorated, and she was unable to get up the steps to come back inside the house, I built a ramp for her, but she was somewhat hesitant to use it. Maryann confirmed for me that she did not like the feel of the floor of the ramp, and as she was getting up in age, she was not familiar with using it. Maryann was also able to connect with Daisy while, at times, she was transitioning from this life to the next. I felt wholly reassured from Maryann that she was going to be ok.”

Dr. Eileen Jason

“Thanks so much for your help with Molly. She is such a well-mannered and loving dog. Molly has gotten close to Dave (Who she was so skittish about). They celebrated Father’s day together.

Hope you are well, and that your particular well-honed skills are helping lots and lots of other loving families with pups. You are the best! I have you listed as the dog whisperer in my computer :-). Many thanks again.”


“I can’t thank Maryann enough for her help with a dilemma involving my furry cherub, Bani. Without warning, Bani started acting uncharacteristically high-strung and nervous. Over the duration of a few days, her behavior became increasingly more erratic, jumping up like a bat out of hell and running into another room in the house when attempting to nap after exercise. She would follow me, attached to me like velcro, wherever I went and would not let me out of her sight. The last straw was a sleepless night – for both of us – as she couldn’t settle herself. I felt something was happening energetically, but I did not have the expertise to decipher what was happening.

I reached out to Maryann for help. After eliminating any noticeable physical ailments, she asked that I send her pictures of Bani and the outside of my house – both front and back – for her to connect energetically. Within minutes she was able to detect additional energies in my house – not negative energies, but energies other than mine that Bani could detect but could not understand.

Maryann did an energetic clearing of my property, including my house and two sheds in the backyard. Within minutes, I could detect the change energetically, and Bani’s energy changed as if a light switch had gone off! For the first time in almost a week, Bani and I were able to get a good night’s sleep, and she was back to her usual, sweet self.

It’s truly an amazing gift Maryann has to help with pets – and their owners. Her ability to connect energetically across a property – including additional structures – and clear energy is wonderful. I would recommend Maryann for all energy oddities as well as any pet healing.”

Eileen Jason, Ph.D.

“Maryann has profoundly and positively impacted our dog’s life. Chewy is a rescue, and he experienced high levels of anxiety. When I reached out to Maryann, she took the time to spiritually connect with Chewy and develop a plan to help him. We were so impressed with Maryann’s knowledge of Chewy’s personality and her identification of the root causes of his anxiety. It was such a relief to be able to communicate with him!

With Maryann’s guidance, Chewy’s anxiety has lessened tremendously. He is able to enjoy his walks at the park and car rides without worry. He is calmer and happier, and we are so grateful to Maryann. Throughout the process, Maryann has been patient and understanding. Maryann frequently checked in on Chewy’s progress, and communicated it to us. We highly recommend Maryann’s services!”

Andrea Evans

“Our household includes a lovely cat named Pearl. Pearl is a usually well-behaved, gregarious kitty. As Fall approached, she started peeing in the basement on the floor, even though we have three cat boxes for two cats.

Knowing of Maryann’s abilities with solving animal issues, I asked her to tune into Pearl and discover the cause of this unusual behavior. Maryann informed me that Pearl was marking her territory in the fear that a raccoon, who had once before invaded our home, would return with the colder weather.

Her suggestion was to barricade the cat door so this invasion could not occur. I immediately did exactly that. Pearl has not peed in the basement since.

Thank you, Maryann, for solving our ‘Peeing Pearl Problem’! I’m grateful!”

E. Raye LeValley

Helping Pets & Animals Video: Testimonials regarding Maryann’s unique ability to both read animals/pets and to work with pets & pet owners in applying Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique and Scalar Wave to help alleviate conditions such as anxiety.

Dr Bernadette Spector, Veterinarian, Endorses Maryann Kelly’s Ability to Read Animals

Dr Eileen Jason Endorses Maryann Kelly: Pet Reading – Peace of Mind

Dr Bernadette Spector relays background regarding her & Maryann Kelly’s learning/application of Emotional Freedom Tapping & Scalar Wave which are for people & pets

Animal Telepathy Communication for Pets Passed Over

Pets crossed over are to be heard. They too have messages to be shared offering comfort and closure.

Animal Telepathy and Tapping Therapy
Animal Telepathy and Tapping Therapy

“After Daisy [far right in picture] crossed, Maryann assured me once again that she was happy and, in fact, reunited with my husband [shown in picture] and her two “step-siblings” [Beef, far left in picture & Brando, middle of picture] on the other side! Even as recently as yesterday, Maryann contacted me to relay a message from Daisy (and the clan) when I hung a newly acquired picture of Daisy on the wall. Not only was Daisy excited about the picture, the other two previously departed furry children [Beef & Brando] found Maryann and were exuberant to connect and chime in!! Overall, my “children” – with the help of my departed husband – sent a beautiful message through Maryann.

I am so grateful for Maryann and her ability to connect with the other side! It’s uncanny how she’ll contact me with a quick message just when I am feeling the energy from my family – it’s true confirmation that we live on and that our loved ones are still around to help us when we need it! I appreciate Maryann and highly recommend her services – for human and animal connections.”

Dr. Eileen Jason
“A most painful and devastating final parting with our most dear companion, Edwin, led to a session with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® such that we may communicate with him. This ability brought much-needed closure, and a resurgence of all the love, energy, and positivity he brought to our lives. Edwin remains a most amazing cat. Thank you, Edwin, for sharing your life with us. Thank you Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT for helping us communicate with Edwin once again.”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)
Animal Telepathy and Tapping Therapy

“Maryann was so kind as to contact me to let me know that our recently departed Shetland Sheepdog had given her a specific message for me. She wanted to thank us not only for the love and affection we gave her throughout her life but for the care and compassion she received during her final days. While I miss her dearly, it helps to know that she is no longer in pain and is waiting for us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.”

Beverly Prohaska
Animal Telepathy and Tapping Therapy

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