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Past Life Regression
Cord / Entity Removal
Property Clearing
Scalar Wave
EFT Tapping
Animal Communication
Intuitive Mentoring
Soul Portraits
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Spiritual Readings: Connect with Loved Ones from HERE

Spiritual Readings: To the OTHER SIDE

Holistic Health Readings

Services are conveniently provided in person at AcuHealth, 100 W Camden Ave, Moorestown or can often also be provided remotely via phone or ZOOM. If Zoom is used, a camera, microphone, and internet connection are required on the client’s device to enable viewing, dialogue, and remote communication.

Additional in person sessions can be available at AcuHealth and clients just need to let me know & we can find a mutually convenient time.

Energy Medicine Professional Association - Insured Practitioner

Group Seminars 

Provided at a variety of venues such as the following:

  • AcuHealth 100 W Camden Ave, Moorestown
  • Halo Wellness, 968 Route 73, Marlton
  • Gray Fox Animal Hospital, 207 Glassboro Rd, Woodbury Heights, NJ
  • LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio, 111 High St East Suite #03, 3rd Floor, Parking & Entrance in Back, Glassboro, NJ
  • Group Seminar content can often also be provided remotely via phone or ZOOM.


As described in my blog post, “What’s In a Reading?”, I extract and integrate multiple modalities such as Reiki, Light Grid, and Crystalline Energy to provide as comprehensive a reading as possible offering as much information as available to help every client in a personalized manner.

  • Spiritual Reading to connect with loved ones passed over: In these sessions, I ask to connect with those passed over who have a message for you. $130/hr for 1 person. During these sessions, there may be opportunities for clients to get closure regarding matters not addressed before their loved one passed or answers as to outstanding questions. When a loved one passes suddenly from an accident, illness, or suicide, there can be guilt which compounds grief or there may be lingering questions as to what the loved one who has passed actually knew about troubling circumstances. Also, it is not uncommon for loved ones to come through with messages of apology for what unfolded before they passed. For information about readings with more than one person in the same session, please contact Maryann.

    Testimonial: “Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, did multiple readings for me including those of family members passed over. The information was considerably detailed and accurate.”

  • Holistic Health Reading: I work with clients to explore and uncover vibrational energy patterns that may be causing health challenges specific to the individual. This includes a Reading and information regarding the holistic relationship between body parts, physical manifestations; personality traits; and chakra correlation. The process is the same regardless of whether the client is familiar with chakras or not. Chakra familiarity is not a required. $130/hr for 1 person.


    “Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) holistic health intuitive skills provided extremely accurate predictive information so that critical steps could be taken to avoid a situation with undesirable high impact.”

    “Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®,  was able to pick out in the first few minutes of the call what I’m currently suffering from physically and was very accurate in her assessment. I’ve had energy readings previously, but none as powerful even with the distance between the USA and Australia. She is very patient and systematic in her approach. She took the time to explain the information coming through and made sure I was following what she was relaying to me. I really enjoyed my session with her and at the end of the session I felt more confident in meeting my challenges head on. As I’m located in Australia, Maryann was also kind enough to accommodate the time difference and worked around my schedule. Thank you Maryann for the beautiful session and loving support.”  -Monica (Australia)

  • Combined Spiritual and Holistic Health Reading:
    $130/hr for 1 person.

“I recently had a reading with Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, to connect with my Dad who had recently passed. I needed to have peace of mind to know he’s okay and have just one more hour with his spirit so I could move on with my life. Maryann gave that to me and then some. My Dad came in loud and clear with his colorful language and answered my questions that I so needed to hear. Maryann lightened my heaviness. It was a great experience!”
– Phyllis

Past Life Regression

During a Spiritual Reading to connect with loved ones or during a Holistic Health Reading, information regarding Past Lives may be revealed. As much Past Life information is incorporated into the Reading as possible. However, clients desiring to have a separate subsequent session, after an initial reading, to focus on past lives benefit from additional information that can offer deeper insights about patterns or situations; life lessons; and yield a more profound experience enabling understanding, inner peace, and joy.


“I have never had a reading where the medium was so well prepared and gave so much detail. I asked Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, to do a past life regression.She not only gave me details about each life, she saw a pattern in my lives which we discussed. She had so much information about the person I was, the time period that life was in, and the type of person I was. She not only gave you a great amount of information, she also allowed you to ask as many questions you needed answered. I was so awed by the experience, I set up another appointment to look into information about a second cousin. I would recommend Maryann to anyone who is serious about past lives.” – Eileen Santarlasci

“Every time I have met with Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, I have left with renewed energy.  I requested a past life reading and received a better understanding of my true self, in today’s life. Maryann was able to help me see the aspects of my personality and character that have apparently followed me throughout many lives. Maryann puts in an incredible amount of work before you actually sit down with her. Then, she is spot on. That is truly a gift. Maryann helps you learn about yourself and focus more on the positive energy in your life. This kind of experience sends you out into the world with a much better view of everything. Working with Maryann is highly recommended. ” – Paula Pennington

“I had an awesome experience during my Past Life Regression including accompanying Soul Portrait & Narrative. Maryann was able to facilitate a wonderful session revealing several of my past lives in significant detail including what lessons were learned in each life. Trends were also identified as well as correlations to physical manifestations and relationships. Work done by Intuitive Services Insight® is of the highest integrity and care for clients. I am delighted to have the 6th opportunity to work with Maryann.” – Jonathan Cabrera

Spiritual Clearing of Property Areas (Land, Structure, Room, Home) or Vehicle

House Clearing

Similar to how cords or entities impact people, diverse types of energy forms, can reside or be associated with a piece of land, structure, or vehicle causing undesired impacts. For these services, I will advise as to when this work will be finished depending upon findings per the assessment done.

To complete the assessment, please schedule via this website; remit payment via PayPal; $250 for residential property areas per 3000 sq ft home/structure including the associated land per 1 acre ; $99 per vehicle.

Next, your phone number, the street address of the property (not a PO BOX) and a maximum of 3-4 pictures of the property, including the front, back, side(s) of the property, and/or 1 picture of the vehicle, including the front of the vehicle, are to be sent via email, the same day that you make the appointment, to

Clients sending pictures warrant that pictures are allowed to be shared and are not infringing any copyright or other protection.

There is no need to include any license plate information as such is not relevant to this work. Include the same client name as is associated with the request for these services in the emails with the photos for the property or vehicle so that I know which photos are for which client. If there are questions about the photos or the process, such will be addressed during the phone session. Otherwise, an actual phone conversation may not be necessary.

Two weeks after receipt of your phone number and corresponding pictures, I will advise as to when the clearing will be done. When the clearing will be done depends upon assessment findings or how much has to be cleared. After the clearing is done, I will contact you via email to schedule a phone session to review the findings.

“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, did a Spiritual Clearing of my home and the associated land. The sincerity of her focused intention was palpable as she thoroughly went from room to room, ceiling to floor, with sage and then sweetgrass. It’s clear that she considers her work sacred, and I am certain that no one else could have done a better clearing for my home and property given her attention to detail and caring.” – Jon

“I had a great experience during my Spiritual Reading and Vehicle Clearing with Intuitive Services Insight®. I appreciated Maryann’s focus during our session while still allowing for the space to ask questions. During the vehicle clearing, Maryann went above and beyond “clearing.” Past removing unwanted energy, she connected themes from our previous reading in order to provide meaningful insight about relationships and spiritual growth. What also stood out to me was the practical application Maryann provided. She gave concrete examples to illustrate her insights as well as provided helpful exercises to maintain the positive energy. Maryann beautifully blends spiritual and practical aspects in her readings, which tend to “keep on giving” past session. Thank you, Maryann.” – Kris

Center of Energy Excellence

Cord, Negative/Dark Entity, Removal

etheric cord removal

During a Spiritual Reading to connect with loved ones or during a Holistic Health Reading, cords or negative/dark entities may be found and identified. Cords are based upon energetic relationships that form as associated with family, friends, work, etc. Cords can also be associated with our behaviors. Some relationships or behaviors do not serve us well and can be painful or toxic. Redirecting the energy associated with cords allows you to use this energy for renewing selected relationships not burdened by the past and for new positive relationships. Cords and entities vary widely in complexity and while some may be removed during a Spiritual or Holistic Health Reading, others may require a separate session devoted to cord/entity removal. Entities are forms, human or non-human, draining energy and/or causing atypical behaviors.

$200 / 60 min per person

“I felt relief, peace, happiness, and overall Zen.”

“I have seen a number of energy healers, but so far no one has been able to pick up that there were dark entities attached to me. Thank you very much for guiding me through the process of releasing these dark entities. It was so powerful and the energy connection was so strong that I actually felt as if you were right there next to me.”

Scalar Wave

Animal Scalar Wave – see testimonials

During Scalar Wave sessions, energy is run through Chakras and other points through a specific sequence. Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that can help to balance a body’s biofield.

Scalar waves are also called ‘electromagnetic longitudinal waves’, ‘Maxwellian waves’, or ‘Teslawellen’ (‘Tesla waves’). Scalar electromagnetics (also known as scalar energy) can be thought of as the background quantum mechanical fluctuations and associated zero-point energies.

Scalar wave may benefit people as well as pets.

$200 / 60 min per person

$75 / 30 min per pet – done remotely via phone or ZOOM. Testimonials are all from phone or ZOOM sessions with the pet owner and pet.


“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, I believe your positive energy flow, Scalar Wave, really helped me before and after my surgery. Thank you so much!”

“I sent Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) a text message explaining that my vision is extremely blurry and I am putting a severe strain on my eyes to finish a project. Usually, once my eyes get blurry it’s time to throw in the towel “that’s it”, but, after 15min with no response from Maryann my vision improved so much that I was even able to take my glasses off. I then smiled to myself as I knew Maryann had done something [Scalar Wave] to improve my vision.”

Emotional Freedom Technique
Tapping for People & Pets

people EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is an approach that can calm the nervous system; aid healing; and alleviate anxiety / pain. EFT is rooted in Chinese Medicine such that each meridian is associated with an emotion/feeling. Via energetic tapping based on a sequence and specific script associated with the situation, behaviors can change working collaboratively with people and/or for the pet owner and the pet. EFT can be done remotely just like Services such as Readings, Past Life Regressions, and Cord/Entity Removals can be done remotely. EFT sessions are scheduled via the PHONE/Zoom option.

People EFT: $200 / 30 min per person includes creating the EFT script specific for your situation off-line in advance of the session and 30 min in a session facilitating the script

Animal Communication with EFT:
$100 / 30 min per pet includes creating the EFT script specific for your pet off-line and 30 min on a call or ZOOM session facilitating the script

Animal Communication
and EFT Tapping

Animal Communication

Whether here or crossed over, loved ones from the Animal Kingdom, are to be heard. They too have messages to be shared to aid in their care here and to share with their loved ones when they are here or crossed over. As a living being, another energy form, they are respected as well for their contribution, companionship, and comfort which they so often share freely and unconditionally.

animal communication sessions

Animal Communication (Readings) with pets passed over

Animal Communication

To receive messages or holistic health information: For these sessions, please schedule a phone session via this website.

Next, a maximum of 1 picture of the pet, including the front of the pet face, is to be sent via email, 72 hrs in advance of scheduled phone session, to

In the same email with the pet picture, include:

  1. client name (person who knows the pet and will be participating in the phone reading)
  2. pet name
  3. date/time of the already scheduled phone session.

Clients sending the pet pictures warrant that pictures are allowed to be shared and are not infringing any copyright or other protection.

Animal Communication Reading without EFT or Scalar Wave :
$50 / 30 min per pet on a call or ZOOM session

Animal Communication with EFT:
$100 / 30 min per pet includes creating the EFT script specific for your pet off-line and 30 min on a call or ZOOM session facilitating the script


“After working with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® for several other readings, I decided to have her read one of our cats, Tali, who had become reclusive and distant. We wanted to make sure Tali was well and know if there was anything we might do for her. After having Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® read Tali, we learned insights into her behavior and have been able to communicate with her on a much more personal level. We routinely talk with and invite Tali to come hang out with us, and she has been taking us up on our invitations and becoming more of a part of the family. I credit Tali’s change in behavior with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® being a conduit for us and being the facilitator for our new expanded relationship with Tali!”
– Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired) & Adam Schabtach

Maddy“Maryann Kelly from Intuitive Services Insight® recently had done a reading on Maddy, our Alpha cat, who is one of 5 cats in our home. Maddy had become too aggressive in controlling the simplest behaviors of the other cats and being vengeful about sharing any space. Consequently, Maryann wrote a set of Emotion Freedom Tapping, EFT, scripts for both me and Maddy which she executed remotely. The crux of the script for Maddy was to reassure her that none of the other cats were threatening her Alpha position and she could maintain her desired Alpha position while sharing space peacefully and not instilling constant unnecessary fear. Within 24 hours, Maddy did allow the other most vulnerable cat, Tali, to be within 2 feet of her while Tali ate. While this may sound commonplace, Tali, for the last 7 of 9 yrs, had stayed completely away, in anti-social seclusion, from Maddy; our other 3 cats; and us, the owners. As a result of Maryann’s respective EFT work on both Tali, to return to being the social cat she had been for the 1st 2 of 9 yrs, and on Maddy, to learn how to maintain Alpha status while not being unnecessarily aggressive, my partner and I, along with all of our cats can enjoy peaceful playful interaction instead of being on alert to referee aggressive behavior. Thank you Maryann as it’s a welcome change to have all of our family together in harmony.”
– Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired) & Adam Schabtach

“A most painful and devastating final parting with our most dear companion, Edwin, led to a session with Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® such that we may communicate with him. This ability brought much-needed closure, and a resurgence of all the love, energy, and positivity he brought to our lives. Edwin remains a most amazing cat. Thank you, Edwin, for sharing your life with us. Thank you Maryann at INTUITIVE SERVICES INSIGHT® for helping us communicate with Edwin once again.”
– Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is an approach that can calm the nervous system; aid healing; and alleviate anxiety / pain. EFT is rooted in Chinese Medicine such that each meridian is associated with an emotion/feeling. Via energetic tapping based on a sequence and specific script associated with the situation, behaviors can change working collaboratively with the pet owner and the pet. EFT can be done remotely just like Services such as Readings, Past Life Regressions, and Cord/Entity Removals can be done remotely. EFT sessions are scheduled via the PHONE/Skype/Zoom option.

$65 / 30 min per pet
$200 / 60 min per person

Intuitive Mentoring

intuitive mentoring

Intuitive Mentoring

In this series, I emphasize how to take action based upon intuition. Given my practical nature, this series guides participants as to how to make their intuition intentional by listening and acting upon it.

Intuitive Mentoring Programs are for:

  • Those who want to gain insight into their own intuition, validate their instincts, or are looking to move forward in their healing journey.

  • Professionals desiring to integrate intuition, passion, and values to achieve their highest potential while honoring their integrity.

  • Applying intuition in the work place can help not only the person using his/her intuition but also can help those around him/her.

  • Teens looking to learn how to integrate intuition sooner rather than later as an additional tool for life skills.

Individual Intuitive Mentoring Packages for a minimum of 6 hours over 3 months – $130/hour OR Group Program Rates are available.

  • Accessing Your Intuition: In these sessions, intuition is defined and differentiated from instinct and decision making. Also, the value of intuition is put into context as it is smarter than any SmartPhone; faster than Facebook; and more Intriguing than the Internet. I guide attendees how to access their intuition which is their own personal infinite resource that is always available. Please see blog post, “Differentiating and Accessing Intuition”, for more information.
  • Developing Your Mediumship Capabilities: As a follow-on to Accessing Your Intuition, this coaching guides participants through steps taken to access more of their intuition to obtain messages for themselves or to provide mediumship services to others. In the blog post, “What is Involved in Mentoring Others in Mediumship”, some applications of mediumship are identified.

  • The Mentoring Program includes the roles the following play to assist you along your journey: Spiritual guides, and totem animals; Angels, Archangels, Master Teachers, Divine Wisdom; Grounding; Chakras and why their balance is important; Self-protection; Entities, Manifestation based upon thought and intention.

  • Establishing and Running a Business as Soul Centered Solopreneur or Entrepreneur: Leveraging my 33 years working globally in corporate roles and having transitioned to holistic work, I provide practical direction regarding products/services, budgeting, target marketing, and other elements. Please see blog post, “Being a Soul Centered Solopreneur / Entrepreneur”, for more information.

Soul Portraits

color pencils

Soul Portraits

Depictions of varying content as communicated during a reading or past life regression. An artistic representation tells your soul story along with an accompanying narrative.

Portraits are $225 and include:

  • Artist fine grain, 100% cotton, acid-free, textured surface paper & watercolor pencils, to capture lasting meaning.

  • Portrait artwork is 8 x 10 and framed

  • Words

  • Symbols

  • Colors

  • Narrative to accompany the portrait, 8×10 framed

If you’d like a Soul Portrait with accompanying narrative, schedule it for the time of your Reading.

Please allow 30 days after your reading for the completion of your portrait.

Portraits can be picked up at either the Moorestown venue or at another mutually agreed location at a specific time. You will receive an email notifying you when done along with pick up details.

See Example of a Soul Portrait
See Example of a Soul Narrative

“My soul portrait was spot on. My Mom, who is passed over, inspired Maryann (Intuitive Services Insight®) regarding my portrait’s content! Before I got my portrait, I was in FL & dreamt of my Mom who guided me to find a Hamsa charm at the end of my driveway. I put it in my pocketbook. When I picked up my portrait in NJ, I was surprised at the meaningfulness of all the content & that, out of an infinite number of possibilities, there was a Hamsa hand charm in my portrait. Maryann said that just as she was finishing up the portrait, she was inspired to draw a Hamsa hand. This was my Mom’s way of validating Maryann’s connection & inspiration portrayed in the portrait. I feel everyone should have a portrait done by Maryann!”
– Renée

“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, captured eight of my past lives and my current life in the Soul Portrait she had done as a result of the Reading and then Past Life Regression she had done with me. Her depiction and ability to incorporate so much meaning via the symbolism and meaningful colors makes this a cherished keepsake. Maryann also included a framed narrative summarizing my past lives and current life that corresponds to the Soul Portrait. She is a gifted writer in how she can make the narrative come alive so vibrantly and succinctly as integration of the past lives illuminate hallmarks of traits, lessons learned, and patterns yielding insights regarding my current life.”
– J.C.

Get The Best From Your Session

get the best session

To Get The Best From Your Session

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your scheduled time at the venue or if participating remotely; get comfortable in your quiet spot 10-15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time so that you can suspend other activities and dedicate the time to you.

  • Messages delivered and content discussed are done so with compassion and confidentiality.

  • If you arrive late or are unavailable after the scheduled begin time, the balance of the remaining time will be used to cover as much content as possible.

  • A delay of fifteen minutes or more may result in your session being cancelled or rescheduled.

  • As this is sacred work not done for entertainment, clients are to refrain from alcohol or substances causing impairment. Sessions will be canceled with fees forfeited when deemed that impairment precludes active participation.

  • When selecting Zoom, a camera, microphone, and internet connection are required on the client’s device to enable viewing, dialogue, and remote communication as required in advance of the scheduled call.

  • Similarly, your device or laptop must be ready and compatible with Zoom.

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If you cannot make the appointment, please provide a full 24 hours notice via email in kind consideration of the time that has been reserved for you which may include roundtrip travel time and rental of venue space in addition to the actual session time. Upon email receipt of a full 24 hours notice, there will be a one-time opportunity to reschedule at another time. Unless otherwise agreed, missed appointments with no written cancellation notice are not eligible for refund or rescheduling.

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