Cult Recovery

“One of the most dangerous and insidious things about cults is that you don’t realize you’re in one till it’s too late. The subtle and nefarious ways that those in power control and abuse their victims through gaslighting, fear, and shame causes bewilderment and an erosion of our very life force.

All too often those of us who have been preyed upon have been conditioned to believe that this lifestyle is the only way to live and that deviating from that path will cause great harm.

It takes a very highly specialized skill set to help extricate an individual from this scenario. It takes someone with great integrity, patience, and experience to stand with us as we slowly unravel all the ties that bind us.

Maryann has mastered the art of holding space for her clients and creating an environment that is safe and transformative. Because she is intuitive, she can see all the complex layers and energy dynamics that often get missed in traditional therapy.

The level of trust that she cultivates by validating our fears and holding space for us to really process what we’ve been through is the key to accelerated healing.

I’ve experienced a radical transformation since working with her. Her understanding of cult dynamics and its effects on the human psyche is unmatched. I can say with certainty that had it not been for my sessions with Maryann, I would still be walking this planet feeling broken, bewildered, and alone.

Through our sessions she has helped me to fully see the magnitude of this dysfunctional dynamic, the ramifications it’s had on my mind, body, and spirit, and the world of hope that awaits me with open arms now that I’m free.

Cult recovery with Maryann can be the single most transformative and empowering thing you choose to do. Life is so much better on the other side.”

Cult Recovery

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