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Past Life Regression Reading

Past Life Reading and Regression

Past Life Regression – See Testimonials

Past Life Reading and Regression


“I have never had a reading where the medium was so well prepared and gave so much detail. I asked Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, to do a past life regression.She not only gave me details about each life, she saw a pattern in my lives which we discussed. She had so much information about the person I was, the time period that life was in, and the type of person I was. She not only gave you a great amount of information, she also allowed you to ask as many questions you needed answered. I was so awed by the experience, I set up another appointment to look into information about a second cousin. I would recommend Maryann to anyone who is serious about past lives.” – Eileen Santarlasci

During a Spiritual Reading to connect with loved ones or during a Holistic Health Reading, information regarding Past Lives may be revealed. As much Past Life Reading information is incorporated into the session as possible. However, clients desiring to have a separate subsequent session, after an initial reading, to focus on past lives benefit from an intuitive past life viewing offering additional deeper insights about patterns or situations; life lessons; and yield a more profound experience enabling understanding, inner peace, and joy.

  • Discover trends explaining repeated patterns of behavior

  • Illuminate past life lessons to apply to current challenges

  • Validate familiarity with situations to leverage now to your advantage


“Every time I have met with Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, I have left with renewed energy.  I requested a past life reading and received a better understanding of my true self, in today’s life. Maryann was able to help me see the aspects of my personality and character that have apparently followed me throughout many lives. Maryann puts in an incredible amount of work before you actually sit down with her. Then, she is spot on. That is truly a gift. Maryann helps you learn about yourself and focus more on the positive energy in your life. This kind of experience sends you out into the world with a much better view of everything. Working with Maryann is highly recommended. ” – Paula Pennington

“I had an awesome experience during my Past Life Regression including accompanying Soul Portrait & Narrative. Maryann was able to facilitate a wonderful session revealing several of my past lives in significant detail including what lessons were learned in each life. Trends were also identified as well as correlations to physical manifestations and relationships. Work done by Intuitive Services Insight® is of the highest integrity and care for clients. I am delighted to have the 6th opportunity to work with Maryann.” – Jonathan Cabrera

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