With Level 1’s Attunement, the associated enhanced energy flow resulted in a balancing of my right and left brain for clearer thinking and action.

Maryann Kelly, Author

While volumes have been written about Reiki and its relationship to intuition, I am focusing specifically on Reiki Level 1 Attunement and its subsequent twenty-one-day cleansing period when energy is moving through the chakra system. For me, this period was profound in further contributing to opening up my intuition. This Reiki Attunement in combination with my weekly commitment to Light Grid sessions to collapse old belief systems; energy movement via dance; and continual practice performing client readings were the pivotal factors to my intuition further opening. After the next four short paragraphs below outlining my Reiki Level 1 Attunement experience, I will then explain what this has meant to my intuition further developing in visceral, tangible, and practical terms.

The further opening of my crown chakra to access and channel universal energy light and enable the flow of universal wisdom enhanced my ability to obtain and sustain a connection with either the direct client or with those passed over. Moreover, the degree of specific detail and accuracy increased in that my further developed intuition guided me to: (1) determine the root cause of issues; (2) find the point of origin of illness including past lives’ associations; and (3) to discern meaningful details from loved ones passed over offering comfort, closure, and compassion.

As my throat chakra opened further to enhance communications, my choice of words and phrases, both verbal and written, resonated and had improved meaning so that I could provide more of a (1) positive and (2) impactful experience for my client. The opening as well of the spinal column enabled me to become more grounded and anchored to keep the needed balance of grounding with my sustained higher vibrations.

With Level 1’s Attunement, the associated enhanced energy flow resulted in a balancing of my right and left brain for (1) clearer thinking and action. Consequently, (2) doubt diminished and was replaced with (3) justified conviction and (4) confident commitment to action to benefit the client.
The further opening of the sixth and seventh chakras with their corresponding respective pineal and pituitary glands (1) balanced my endocrine system; (2) increased my perception of light; and (3) connected me to a universal source of energy, which collectively increased higher consciousness, divine wisdom.

So, what does Reiki Level One Attunement really mean in visceral, tangible, and practical terms as far as intuition to me?

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Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience.

What Reiki Level One Attunement has collectively meant to me is that the spiritual mediumship readings I do (1) to connect with loved ones; (2) to obtain holistic health information; (3) to remove cords; (4) and/or to do past life regressions have markedly improved. I am (5) more grounded; (6) can viscerally feel more subtle changes in energy; and (7) tangibly differentiate whether there are (8) reactionary changes originating from internal client issues or (9) external environmental factors; and (10) I can more accurately and specifically interpret messages and information relayed via the language of energy or intuition. The practical validation of the profound impact of this Reiki Attunement on my application of intuition across modalities including readings, past life regressions, and cord removals is that more clients are referred to me and more clients return. The testimonials of the clients documented in my website  are the objective evidence of how integrating holistic complementary modalities such as Reiki with further opening of intuition benefits the clients, the practitioner and those interacting with the practitioner more casually on a daily basis.

The emphasis on the greater good is important as well. Intuition serves a purpose of good. Making Intuition Intentional℠ is about empowering yourself and others to act with purpose aligned with positive intentions. Intuition is meant to serve yourself so that you can be your best self; define and respect boundaries regarding others and situations; and avoid the roles of perpetrator, victim, or rescuer. Intuition is not intended to support negativity, revenge, resentment, anger, etc. which ultimately, serve no one and hurt many. A great upside about wanting to leverage your intuition is that you address your own issues in the process which is healing and liberating. While addressing your own issues doesn’t make life all better devoid of struggle and human emotion, doing real work on ourselves enables us to experience more joy; to be better able to navigate the challenges with fewer casualties personally or to others; and to expand the type of highs beyond what could have previously been imagined.

As my intuition expanded, more dots connected. In fact, I had an increasing realization of just how connected we all are. It occurred to me that as I was learning more and more about both (1) intuition and its applications in mediumship and holistic health readings and (2) Reiki’s Attunement to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, that I was experiencing the relationship between neuroplasticity and metaphysics in my own personal and very humble way.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience. New neural pathways were being mapped. In response to intuition, my new neural pathways formed to address what had been brain domination so that a quietness could be accommodated to recognize information from intuition that may be whispering.

During moments being quiet; during readings with clients; or during moments of being present; I was grounded, and calmly waited without anticipation as to what would be next. In such moments, time and space suspended. While the experience of suspension of time and space is not uncommon among those immersed in joy or other all-consuming situations, for me, it was when both new neural pathways were being formed [neuroplasticity] and when I was quiet and grounded and just waiting and listening with no control over the outcome [intuition] that the experience transcended time and space as defined by metaphysics. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

Upon my realization of the factors involved enabling my intuition as described above, I was then able to further focus my determined will and adjust and reproduce that quiet state to amplify my intuition reception so to speak. This quiet state was in stark contrast to decades of my past. As situations ebb and flow with countless variables and distractions, it is important to be able to shut out this noise to get into a quiet and calm place internally to access intuition for personal reasons or to serve a client. As I realized more connectedness to a greater good, a corresponding sense of humility was also realized.

In short, Reiki is a contributing catalyst fueling my intuition opening up and enabling me to be a better version of myself. From scientific and philosophical perspectives, what happened to me when NEUROPLASTICITY and METAPHYSICS intersected, was that A BURST OF INTUITION resulted further developing my intuition. While each has a unique experience, this is mine, and I hope it helps others.

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