Emotional Freedom Technique for People

I had been in pain impacting my daily living for over a decade and countless traditional resources could offer no answers or means of real relief. Maryann, at Intuitive Services Insight, has conducted Emotional Freedom Tapping, EFT, on both me and on several of my pets yielding measurable improvements. Given my advanced scientific credentials and previous lengthy work experience, I’m used to measuring and baselining. I would, for example, be at a pain level of 9 out of 10 and having significant difficulty standing up straight or moving. I’d also previously been familiar with standard EFT scripts; however, Maryann writes customized EFT scripts to really resonate with each individual such that the situation is validated in detail; a specific path forward is defined; and her clients, like me, are empowered to release past programs that manifest in a variety of unintentional and yet self-sabotaging ways impacting mobility, etc. At the end of an EFT session which may be combined with Scalar Wave, another modality Maryann offers, I would measure my pain level to be reduced to 1.5 and further reductions in symptoms were experienced in the days ahead. I continue to use Maryann’s EFT & Scalar Wave services due to their effectiveness as issues/symptoms arise. The origin of the individual client’s symptoms is a factor in how these sessions are conducted and if/how further sessions may be warranted. I would highly recommend consideration of Maryann’s Intuitive Services Insight®. She has her client’s best interest at heart and seeks to find the fastest and most effective approach. This work is truly her passion.”
Tracie Bork BS, MS, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon (retired)
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