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Speaking and Seminars

intuition coaching and mentoring

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”Maryann Kelly’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) presentation on Intuition was very informative. She is quite a dynamic and engaging speaker, talking about her own experiences and making it real . The one-on-one intuitive sessions she had us doing with each other were fun, eye opening and made us think as to what we could do or not and how. I left the session wanting to know more. Thank you Maryann, great job!” -Dr. Bernadette Spector

Seminars – See Testimonials

Paula Pennington Endorses Maryann Kelly: Organic Delivery Style; Engaging Speaker-Informative Seminars

Gene LaPierre Endorses Maryann Kelly as Great Communicator Speaker during Seminar: Attendees Learned How to Read Auras

Looking For Adaptability, Inspiration, Rejuvenation, Motivation?

My unique appeal is that I have hands on experience on the front lines in both Holistic and Corporate environments. I have indeed adapted and was positioned to surf the waves of hourly change during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have decades of experience, with global responsibilities, working with executives in Fortune 500 companies, Transformations, Mergers, and Acquisitions, Entrepreneurships, and Startups and across industries such as Information Technology, Financial Services, Insurance, Mortgage, Health Care, Benefit Administration, and Professional Services.

The common denominator of my work, whether it be Holistic or Corporate, is Intuition as it’s a resource readily available to everyone 7x24x365. I am a practical person, and hence, I aim to Make Intuition Intentional by working with clients so that they can find their own answers and apply their own intuition in their daily lives regardless of profession or role at home or in the work place . Truly, more than ever, given the COVID-19 pandemic, each needs an ability to create calm and have clarity in stressful situations. I teach simple tools to enable each to stay grounded so that higher potentials can be achieved; better outcomes can be realized; and exclusive advantages to have a market disruptive edge can be applied.

My content for Speaking Engagements & Seminars may be customized for the applicable Holistic or Corporate event and audience. For Corporate Events such as Key Note Addresses; Kick-Off Meetings; Motivational Events, etc., please contact me for pricing.

  • Entice event attendance given tools taught that can be applied anywhere

  • Intrigue participants regarding their untapped personal resources

  • Attract clients looking for how to get an edge, an exclusive

  • Inspire to be disruptive personally or professionally requiring only virtual means

I have a Master Class Seminar Series regarding Intuition as The Language of Energy that includes topics such as the following:

  • Applying Intuition for Your Benefit

  • Lifting the Veil: What’s Behind the Scenes During Maryann’s Readings?

  • Scalar Wave & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Epigenetics / Evolution: Dogma Debate About Genes

  • Past Life Regressions; Ascension; After-Life; Spirit Animals

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