Frequently Asked Questions

How did you go from decades in the corporate world to the holistic field?2019-05-07T08:20:29-04:00

I wanted to run my own small consulting business after decades in a successful corporate career. During that time, I took a complimentary ballroom dance lesson at a local ballroom since trying ballroom dancing was on my bucket list, and things catapulted from there as my intuition exploded.

Would you say that you have a gift?2019-05-07T08:20:23-04:00

NO! I have developed an awareness for what is possible given the energy that is all around us. Intuition is the Language of Energy. It’s a matter of us listening to learn the ways to apply energy or intuition.

What motivated or empowered you to really walk away from a successful career?2019-05-07T08:20:15-04:00

I could not deny the intense attraction I had to figuring out what was happening as my intuition exploded and what did all these messages mean that I was receiving? I wondered if I could help others in more deeply personal ways?

At the same time, I was realizing that I had been using my intuition for decades in my corporate life as I connected the dots. Now that I have identified how I had used my intuition successfully in business, I can mentor others regarding how to use their intuition in personal and professional ways. I am fascinated by intuition and the wealth of knowledge we each have access to daily.

Intuition is the language of Energy that is all around us. Besides using intuition in daily life and as part of business, the energy which fuels intuition can be further applied via varying modalities. We tend to not believe that which we cannot see; however, the greatest forces around us are not seen but nonetheless are evident. We can’t see love or oxygen, but both are essential. We also tend to not believe something unless someone with certain credentials has proven it or endorsed it which I understand.

Chi is a vital energy known since the earliest times needed to animate the body. There are recognized professionals such as Dr. Valerie Hunt, who taught as a Neurological Physiologist at varying universities over 40 yrs: University of Iowa, Columbia University and UCLA. She discovered bioscalar wave and spoke about how consciousness has to do with the vibratory field of the world. When we cannot make sense of something via our brain, we too often then dismiss it or conclude that it does not exist which is wrong!

How did you transition from being in corporate positions for decades to running your own business that is now so very different from what you used to do?2019-05-07T08:20:09-04:00

Well, I am actually leveraging a common denominator of what I had been using for decades during my early employment days in clinical positions and during my corporate days.

This common denominator is intuition or energy.

I had loved mentoring others while I was in corporate roles or helping to figure out complex business strategies or problems, and to do so, I had used intuition heavily for decades. So, I still use my intuition as part of mentoring and help others learn how to use theirs in everyday life and in business.

In my more recent years, I learned how to listen to my intuition and tap into energy to receive messages from those crossed over and to extend my application of energy via modalities such as Cord/Entity Removal, Scalar Wave, and Emotional Freedom Tapping to help people and pets as my clients.

Who helped you figure out what was happening as your intuition was expanding?2019-05-07T08:59:20-04:00

I sought out ethical, proven teachers in Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Energy Work, & Veterinarian /Animal Communication who helped me validate and develop my skills.

What is the difference for Holistic Health instead of Medical Intuition as a type of Reading?2019-05-07T08:19:54-04:00

There are a couple of differences:

I want to avoid any confusion as I am not a physician and do not diagnose; and because I am taking into consideration a broad set of input which is not typically associated with what traditional medicine includes.

Moreover, as part of Holistic Health Readings, I can draw from a suite of services that I call a Center of Energy Excellence which includes Removal of Cords/Entities; Scalar Wave; & Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique.

In short, I apply a holistic approach with integrated energy modalities which I refer to as a Center of Energy Excellence.

How did you determine what services to offer as they are an interesting combination of services?2019-05-07T08:31:48-04:00

One of my hallmarks is that I’m about the practicality of efforts meaning how will something help a person, pet, or situation. As I was initially doing readings, it was important that in addition to surfacing what were often suppressed issues or pain caused by any number of factors, I wanted to see if there was a way to offer options to augment what the client’s alternatives were.

As a result, some modalities associated with Energy Work correlated such as Cord/Entity Removals, Emotional Freedom Technique, & Scalar Wave. Each of these modalities can be done in person or remotely and can be an extension to or a follow up to a Reading where issues were surfaced or further defined so there was a natural synergy. I collectively refer to these modalities as a Center of Energy Excellence.

How would you describe your client population?2019-05-07T08:19:42-04:00

My clients range in age from teens to adults across all walks of life and from around the globe. They all have a sincere need for information, healing, closure or for a desire to develop their own intuition for application in everyday life or business. My clients are not those seeking entertainment. My clients are also pets.

What do you hope to clarify or dispel about this kind of work?2019-05-07T08:31:12-04:00

Having been the skeptic myself who became the convert and is now the champion and practitioner, I want to clarify that my passion and dedication to this work is because it is indeed sacred.

Also, being a very practical person, I aim to make this work practical; that is, how can it benefit the client most.

My goal is to take what is perceived as hocus pocus or “Woo Woo” and make it “Wow”.

As in any kind of work, some have been taken advantage of and thus the reputation of this work can be rightfully considered tarnished. I just ask that people be open to the possibility that there are reputable Mediums and Energy Workers, like me, who are looking to do good and help others.

If we look back at history, before great inventions or changes were accepted, there were naturally skeptics. While this work has really existed for centuries, it is becoming more prevalent. You don’t really have much to lose by keeping an open mind or giving it a try with a reputable practitioner.

What’s most especially needed now and most timely about your work?2019-05-13T09:17:39-04:00

We are living in a time of more and more rapid technological advancements to help address illness; however, there are as well the challenges associated with medical coverage, pending medical insurance reform, as well as an increasing divide between the population who can and cannot access options to ease suffering.

I have no interest to judge alternatives chosen by my clients or anyone to address their needs or pain on any level.

I seek to (#1) increase awareness and open minds regarding potential options for consideration which may be helpful in (#2) addressing, avoiding, and preventing suffering; as well as offer an opportunity for closure regarding loved ones passing over due to natural causes, illness, suicide, etc.

As these options are based upon energy occurring naturally in the universe, there is not a contraindication. Rather, such options are inherently collaborative and complementary by their very nature. Moreover, these options are agnostic to culture, time zone, and socio-economic status meaning that they can work equally well for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hence, they are indeed universal.

What about skeptics?2019-05-07T08:19:29-04:00

I completely respect skeptics as I was a skeptic turned champion and now practitioner or the ultimate convert. The more that I had tried to disprove all this hocus pocus stuff, the more I proved it.

How do clients find out about you?2019-05-07T08:19:16-04:00

In addition to providing services, I am a mentor, speaker, and author.

  • Colleagues from my corporate work, come to me and refer others to me for mentoring or other services.
  • I am fortunate in that well-established professionals refer clients to me
  • Clients have referred others to me
  • Clients come to see me after attending seminars I love to host as a speaker at Gray Fox Animal Hospital; at LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio; and at Halo Wellness on varying topics such as:
  • Lifting the Veil – What’s Happening Behind the Scenes in a Reading?
  • Ascension, After-Life, Past Life Regression, Spirit Animals
  • Applying Your Intuition
  • Scalar Wave Technique: Chakras and Energy
  • Epigenetics Evolution: The Dogma Debate About Genes
  • I was interviewed during a live CUTV Empowered Women Series radio blog cast and during a video event. Both of these can be found under Events on my website
  • Acu-Health Center, where I meet with clients in person, promotes me and my services
  • I also have a website: and a Facebook business page where there are testimonials or reviews of my work
  • Lastly, as an author/editor, I have been in some recent publications/books.
What publications are you associated with?2019-05-07T08:57:42-04:00

There are 3 as shown below:

1) I was asked to contribute a chapter in an anthology called Your Shift Matters – Striving to Thriving associated with people who made significant shifts in their lives which is akin to the CUTV Empowered Woman Series. My chapter in this book is called the “Thunder of Intuition” and tells the story of my journey during this shift.

surviving to thrivingMaryann Kelly, author of chapter “The Thunder of Intuition” in
Your Shift Matters: Surviving to Thriving



2) Tina Zion, a 4th generation Medical Intuitive, offered me an opportunity to contribute content to her book, Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom recently published during early May. My content is under the section: “Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!”

Maryann’s content, “Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!” in
Reiki and Our Intuition by Tina Zion



3) Richard Braconi, Spirit Medium, asked me to be a contributing editor of his book, Being More of God, and to author the Foreword section.

being more of godMaryann’s role as contributing editor; author of the Foreword section in
Being More of God by Rich Braconi



What is Intuitive Services Insight’s Mission?2020-02-08T11:08:17-05:00


Only positive energies for the greatest good; highest purpose; optimal healing; comfort; closure; and respect are to ever be in these sessions as associated with Divine Wisdom. There is respect and not judgement so all have a voice to be heard and honored. All are accepted to find, live, and stand strong in their TRUTH. SURRENDER is the strength to seek your greatest potential. WAITING is cherished patience when the gifts of gratitude and fulfillment await us. We are forever GROUNDED in the TRUST and KNOWING that LOVE prevails.

Thank you for supporting my JOURNEY!
Maryann Kelly, IntuitiveServicesInsight®