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Spiritual Readings

Connect with Loved Ones from HERE


Mediumship – See Testimonials

Dr Eileen Jason Endorses Maryann Kelly Spirit Mediumship, Connect with Husband Crossed Over

Paula Pennington Endorses Maryann Kelly: Grandmother & Uncle Connection via Reading Yields Renewed Happiness

A Spiritual Reading Online via Zoom or phone may be scheduled  to connect with loved ones passed over: In these sessions, I ask to connect with those passed over who have a message for you.

$130/45min for 1 person.

During these sessions, there may be opportunities for clients to get closure regarding matters not addressed before their loved one passed or answers as to outstanding questions. When a loved one passes suddenly from an accident, illness, or suicide, there can be guilt which compounds grief or there may be lingering questions as to what the loved one who has passed actually knew about troubling circumstances. Also, it is not uncommon for loved ones to come through with messages of apology for what unfolded before they passed. For information about readings with more than one person in the same session, please contact Maryann.

  • Connect with loved ones to ease grief

  • Get closure especially when loved ones passed quickly

  • Obtain insights regarding events and relationships

Combination Packages:
Package Rates available for multiple sessions.
Payable in advance via PayPal.
Contact Maryann for more information.

“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, did multiple readings for me including those of family members passed over. The information was considerably detailed and accurate.”

“I recently had a reading with Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®, to connect with my Dad who had recently passed. I needed to have peace of mind to know he’s okay and have just one more hour with his spirit so I could move on with my life. Maryann gave that to me and then some. My Dad came in loud and clear with his colorful language and answered my questions that I so needed to hear. Maryann lightened my heaviness. It was a great experience!”
– Phyllis

“Maryann at Intuitive Services Insight helped me connect with my sister Nicole who passed away 2 years ago. Maryann provided accurate details that she wouldn’t have known unless she was authentically in contact to Nicole. The session brought me much peace, and Maryann is so kind and caring. Thank You!”
– Michele Q.

Holly Myers, Acu-Health Practitioner

Holistic Health Readings


“Maryann, Intuitive Services Insight®,  was able to pick out in the first few minutes of the call what I’m currently suffering from physically and was very accurate in her assessment. I’ve had energy readings previously, but none as powerful even with the distance between the USA and Australia. She is very patient and systematic in her approach. She took the time to explain the information coming through and made sure I was following what she was relaying to me. I really enjoyed my session with her and at the end of the session I felt more confident in meeting my challenges head on. As I’m located in Australia, Maryann was also kind enough to accommodate the time difference and worked around my schedule. Thank you Maryann for the beautiful session and loving support.”  -Monica (Australia)

Holistic Health Reading: I work with clients to explore and uncover vibrational energy patterns that may be causing health challenges specific to the individual. This includes a Reading and information regarding the holistic relationship between body parts, physical manifestations; personality traits; and chakra correlation. The process is the same regardless of whether the client is familiar with chakras or not. Chakra familiarity is not a required.

$130/45min for 1 person

Combination Packages:
Package Rates available for multiple sessions.
Payable in advance via PayPal.
Contact Maryann for more information.

I chose to not use the terms medical psychic, or medical intuitive readings as I do not want there to be any misunderstanding as I am not a medical physician and also, my Holistic Health Readings include a broader set of information sources than may be associated with a client’s medical experience so as to provide as much value as possible to the client.

Combined Spiritual and Holistic Health Reading:
$130/45min for 1 person

  • Discover holistic relationships between body parts, physical manifestations, personality traits, and chakra correlations

  • Reveal underlying root causes of symptoms

  • Explore previously hidden patterns resulting in issues

“Maryann’s (Intuitive Services Insight®) holistic health intuitive skills provided extremely accurate predictive information so that critical steps could be taken to avoid a situation with undesirable high impact.”

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