Are there any other observations overall?


Yes, we have a unique opportunity to NOT wait until something can be identified via our traditional senses and not wait until something has a label before we consider believing in it. Humans tend to think that something not seen or sensed is not real when the opposite is most certainly true. If we did not have gravity, oxygen, and love, we would not live, and gravity, oxygen, and love are NOT seen inherently by the eye. The effects of such may be observed which is different than seeing them inherently. Also, humans tend to think that a label someone applies validates its reality. However, many suffer with conditions that do not have labels, and that does NOT make their [...]

Are there any other observations overall?2020-04-06T10:24:13-04:00

How has COVID-19 impacted my practice?


For clients who have been anxious before COVID-19, clearly COVID-19 is an additional trigger and can further complicate and spike manifestations in Complex PTSD or TMS. Moreover, our universal human mortality has a less distant reality, given the global impact which prompts people to want to connect with loved ones passed over especially given the social distancing requirements. When there are less people you can interact with, one tends to think of those crossed over and wonder about what is beyond this life. From an employment perspective, NOW is the time to recreate during this time of historic change. When I reflect on my previous 33yrs in corporate, and reflect upon history, in general, it’s the ability to adapt and [...]

How has COVID-19 impacted my practice?2020-04-06T10:23:57-04:00

Are there clients with certain conditions that practitioners have referred to me?


Practitioners tend to consult and/or refer to me if progress has stalled or if more traditional approaches & diagnostic tests are not surfacing root causes. For example, I have been working with clients with Complex PTSD which results from years or decades of trauma. Our veterans know far too well what PTSD is like from their military service and associated trauma; and others suffer from Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome (TMS). Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), is also known as Tension Myoneural Syndrome. Examples of trauma are: Loss of a child or pet Child’s / Pet’s illness Abuse: mental and physical Post Diagnosis Support Chronic illness Night Terrors Perfectionist Programs Psychotic breaks complicated by entities Other trauma TMS or mind body syndrome is [...]

Are there clients with certain conditions that practitioners have referred to me?2020-04-06T10:18:27-04:00

Why do practitioners refer to me?


I believe it is because besides doing a Reading, I am passionate about trying to offer relief to clients who are suffering, and sometimes the root cause of the suffering is elusive. Being a Medium, I have been able to accelerate the identification of the trigger associated with the manifestation and offer a blend of modalities from my Center of Energy Excellence to help address such manifestations which vary widely including nausea, medically-unexplained histamine reactions (severe rashes/itching), and pain.

Why do practitioners refer to me?2020-04-06T10:16:45-04:00

What are some of the countries that my clients are from?


Click to Enlarge In addition to the U.S., clients are from dispersed geographies across continents and countries such as Canada, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Jordan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Ukraine, India, and Africa.    

What are some of the countries that my clients are from?2020-12-04T13:01:03-05:00

How do clients find me NOW as compared to previously?


I am still quite fortunate in that mentors and clients refer additional clients to me. In addition, other practitioners in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. refer to me as well either directly or via my website.

How do clients find me NOW as compared to previously?2020-04-06T10:13:58-04:00

How are these modalities used?


Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is an approach that can calm the nervous system; aid healing; and alleviate anxiety / pain. Sometimes it is referred to as a RESET of sorts so as to break undesired patterns. EFT is rooted in Chinese Medicine such that each meridian is associated with an emotion/feeling. Via energetic tapping based on a sequence and specific script associated with the situation, behaviors can change working collaboratively with people and/or for the pet owner and the pet. EFT can be done remotely. While EFT itself is not new, I have been developing increasingly customized scripts for each client to really surface and target root causes to be addressed. Moreover, I will often combine EFT with other energy [...]

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How has Maryann’s work changed over the last year?


Maryann's services and clients have expanded & diversified in type, especially as related to Energy Modalities, namely Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) & Scalar Wave. Both EFT & Scalar Wave can be done remotely as can energy work related to Cord & Entity removals.

How has Maryann’s work changed over the last year?2020-04-06T10:11:09-04:00
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