For clients who have been uneasy before COVID-19, clearly COVID-19 can be an additional trigger and can further complicate and spike manifestations in health concerns and issues. Moreover, our universal human mortality has a less distant reality, given the global impact which prompts people to want to connect with loved ones passed over especially given the social distancing requirements. When there are less people you can interact with, one tends to think of those crossed over and wonder about what is beyond this life.

From an employment perspective, NOW is the time to recreate during this time of historic change. When I reflect on my previous 33yrs in corporate, and reflect upon history, in general, it’s the ability to adapt and change. Perhaps, now, more credence and importance will be given to the energy FIELD as we do indeed have the ability to influence, if not create, our field – our reality. It will be even more important to pay attention to the field when making business decisions and motivating workers. What Einstein knew years ago, applies even more today.

As a CORPORATE INTUITIVE, I’m coming full circle back to my International Corporate Experience: WHAT IS THE GUT FEEL OR UNSPOKEN VIBE? The unseen is so much more important than realized

I’m Applying intuition as I had for 33 years strategically and tactically:

  • Enterprise Strategies for Market Disruption
  • Organizational Structure
    Virtual Team Optimization
    Critical Skill Evolution
  • What work place culture will foster Creativity, Retention, & Productivity post COVID-19?