Yes, we have a unique opportunity to NOT wait until something can be identified via our traditional senses and not wait until something has a label before we consider believing in it. Humans tend to think that something not seen or sensed is not real when the opposite is most certainly true. If we did not have gravity, oxygen, and love, we would not live, and gravity, oxygen, and love are NOT seen inherently by the eye. The effects of such may be observed which is different than seeing them inherently.

Also, humans tend to think that a label someone applies validates its reality. However, many suffer with conditions that do not have labels, and that does NOT make their suffering any less real.

What is most real is the universality of energy and the field which are all around us and impact us all much more than we give credence to.

We can no longer afford to subjectively and somewhat arrogantly filter out what is real just because it does not have a label or just because our human traditional senses don’t see, hear, taste, smell, or touch it.