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Identity Championed:
Don’t Be Held Hostage

energetic cord removal
energetic cord removal

Triumph After Unease

COVID has been a catalyst for change; caused some buried truths to surface; created confusion; and offered opportunities.

I’ve noticed a distinct trend in people feeling adrift, increasingly uneasy; and ultimately not worthy.

As a Medium, real root causes can be identified in client sessions and further action may be needed to address issues. Although I am not a licensed health care provider and my services are not meant as a substitute for medical, psychological, or any other licensed health services, this complimentary work involving energy fields and biofield practices can offer other perspectives surfacing solutions. I do partner with other professionals including licensed health care providers as requested.

A 12-week program is now offered for individuals called

In addition to my role as a Medium & Energy Practitioner, I had worked globally in corporate positions for 33 years plus worked another 8 years in clinical positions. I have front line work experience enabling me to identify with clients’ varied backgrounds and challenges. I work to empower my client to make informed decisions and work to employ ethical practices including risk management in the best interest of my client.

This program is for those ready to do the internal work associated with recurring issues and obstacles so that life can be LIVED and not just reacted to moment by moment.

As applicable to the individual, modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, Past Life Regression, etc. may be integrated into an individual’s program consistent with the terms of the Disclaimer.

Some sample “3 R” content of this program involves Maryann’s 12 Rs to anchor and realize worthiness:
Reconnect, Repair & Redefine You

RECONNECT relationship(s): here and/or crossed over

REPAIR relationship(s): here and/or crossed over


It’s possible for you to:

  • Obtain closure now & on-going with those here and/or beyond

  • Prevent wounds; enable thriving

  • Determine and set boundaries

  • Know your role & be comfortable being YOU

For Payment In Full or a Payment Plan:
Pricing Available on Appointments Page

During the first appointment, we will determine the dates/times for the rest of the appointments during the remaining 11 weeks.

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