My Story

“What, is this all there is?”

This was the recurring question I had had for decades. It was answered quite unexpectedly and suddenly on a Sunday afternoon when a proven spirit medium casually informed me that I could do what he was doing in communicating with those passed over. I was in disbelief especially since I had been the ultimate skeptic. He asked if I wanted to find out so I said sure. He put three pictures in front of me, one at a time, of individuals I had never seen before and there was nothing special about these pictures indicating any detail. A flood of information came regarding their lives, events, professions, health, and families. Although I was speaking, the information was coming so instantaneously that I wasn’t generating the words from my thoughts. Rather, I was communicating the information being relayed to me.

When I saw the first picture, I said that this man had been in World War II fixing airplane engines on air craft carriers in the Navy. He had married twice. He hadn’t seen his children as much as he should have especially since his second marriage. He had died of respiratory failure in Florida. I was informed that all of this was correct!

When I saw the second picture, I said that this man hadn’t completed as much of higher education as his intellect would have allowed. He had not married. He taught a specialized subject to children out of his home. His home was two stories with an external stair case from the top second floor to the first floor. His death involved blunt force trauma. I was informed that all of this was correct and that the specialized subject taught to children out of his home was music.

When I saw the third picture, I said that the young man was a sweet person who, during his young life, had been struggling horribly with demons associated with drug addiction. He was between worlds. I was informed that this information was correct and that the person had been in and out of a coma.

my story

When he told me that I had gotten so much correct detail which often takes others a lifetime to be able to tap into, I was speechless. At that moment, I realized that I had felt a peace and calm like never before. While the vibration, that I had been feeling, was stronger than ever from head to toe, it was soothing. The now roaring thunder of intuitive knowledge resonated and was shared more instantaneously from the pictures of these individuals faster than anything else I had experienced. While this was my epiphany, I now realized how much my intuition had been at work as I looked back.

Looking back, “What, is this all there is?”, was the recurring question vibrating beginning in grammar school. As I retraced decades of events from grammar school; time spent with my grandmother; work in clinical positions; and employment in corporate roles, I realized that my intuition had been hard at work all along. While my grandmother had been trying to tell me about this phenomenon as a child, I hadn’t grasped it at the time. Although scholastic aptitude and hard work certainly helped earn achievements, my intuition leveraging the universal language of energy had been a consistent instrumental element in identifying patient illnesses and root causes of business issues.

It’s worth listening to your intuition! Happiness and fulfillment can have very different criteria as compared to society standards. I made my intuition intentional by listening and then taking the corresponding action!

Since my epiphany, I have been so grateful for the opportunity to help others personally or in business along their journey.

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