We are living in a time of more and more rapid technological advancements designed to help address health issues; however, there are as well the challenges associated with medical coverage, pending medical insurance reform, as well as an increasing divide between the population who can and cannot access options to ease suffering.

I have no interest to judge alternatives chosen by my clients or anyone to address their needs or pain on any level.

I seek to (#1) increase awareness and open minds regarding potential options for consideration which may be helpful in (#2) addressing, avoiding, and preventing suffering; as well as offer an opportunity for closure regarding loved ones passing over due to natural causes, illness, suicide, etc.

As these options are based upon energy occurring naturally in the universe, there is not a contraindication. Rather, such options are inherently collaborative and complementary by their very nature. Moreover, these options are agnostic to culture, time zone, and socio-economic status meaning that they can work equally well for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hence, they are indeed universal.