There are 5 as shown below:

1) I was asked to contribute a chapter in an anthology called Your Shift Matters – Striving to Thriving associated with people who made significant shifts in their lives which is akin to the CUTV Empowered Woman Series. My chapter in this book is called the “Thunder of Intuition” and tells the story of my journey during this shift.

surviving to thrivingMaryann Kelly, author of chapter “The Thunder of Intuition” in
Your Shift Matters: Surviving to Thriving



2) Tina Zion, a 4th generation Medical Intuitive, offered me an opportunity to contribute content to her book, Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom recently published during early May. My content is under the section: “Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!”

Maryann’s content, “Reiki: A Contributing Catalyst Fueling Intuition!” in
Reiki and Our Intuition by Tina Zion



3) Richard Braconi, Spirit Medium, asked me to be a contributing editor of his book, Being More of God, and to author the Foreword section.

being more of godMaryann’s role as contributing editor; author of the Foreword section in
Being More of God by Rich Braconi



4) Maryann’s integral part of a client’s grief healing in the chapter, Consulting a Medium – So Now So-Now-WhatWhat?, by Alexandra McGroarty




5) Maryann Kelly’s role in helping client’s healing from deep trauma Dear Me, I Dear-Me-I-Love-YouLove You by Kanchan Singh