I could not deny the intense attraction I had to figuring out what was happening as my intuition exploded and what did all these messages mean that I was receiving? I wondered if I could help others in more deeply personal ways?

At the same time, I was realizing that I had been using my intuition for decades in my corporate life as I connected the dots. Now that I have identified how I had used my intuition successfully in business, I can mentor others regarding how to use their intuition in personal and professional ways. I am fascinated by intuition and the wealth of knowledge we each have access to daily.

Intuition is the language of Energy that is all around us. Besides using intuition in daily life and as part of business, the energy which fuels intuition can be further applied via varying modalities. We tend to not believe that which we cannot see; however, the greatest forces around us are not seen but nonetheless are evident. We can’t see love or oxygen, but both are essential. We also tend to not believe something unless someone with certain credentials has proven it or endorsed it which I understand.

Chi is a vital energy known since the earliest times needed to animate the body. There are recognized professionals such as Dr. Valerie Hunt, who taught as a Neurological Physiologist at varying universities over 40 yrs: University of Iowa, Columbia University and UCLA. She discovered bioscalar wave and spoke about how consciousness has to do with the vibratory field of the world. When we cannot make sense of something via our brain, we too often then dismiss it or conclude that it does not exist which is wrong!