Having been the skeptic myself who became the convert and is now the champion and practitioner, I want to clarify that my passion and dedication to this work is because it is indeed sacred.

Also, being a very practical person, I aim to make this work practical; that is, how can it benefit the client most.

My goal is to take what is perceived as hocus pocus or “Woo Woo” and make it “Wow”.

As in any kind of work, some have been taken advantage of and thus the reputation of this work can be rightfully considered tarnished. I just ask that people be open to the possibility that there are reputable Mediums and Energy Workers, like me, who are looking to do good and help others.

If we look back at history, before great inventions or changes were accepted, there were naturally skeptics. While this work has really existed for centuries, it is becoming more prevalent. You don’t really have much to lose by keeping an open mind or giving it a try with a reputable practitioner.