In addition to providing services, I am a mentor, speaker, and author.

  • Colleagues from my corporate work, come to me and refer others to me for mentoring or other services.
  • I am fortunate in that well-established professionals refer clients to me
  • Clients have referred others to me
  • Clients come to see me after attending seminars I love to host as a speaker at Gray Fox Animal Hospital; at LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio; and at Halo Wellness on varying topics such as: Lifting the Veil – What’s Happening Behind the Scenes in a Reading?, Ascension, After-Life, Past Life Regression, Spirit Animals, Applying Your Intuition, Scalar Wave Technique: Chakras and Energy, Epigenetics Evolution: The Dogma Debate About Genes
  • I was interviewed during a live CUTV Empowered Women Series radio blog cast and during a video event. Both of these can be found under Events on my website
  • I also have a website: and a Facebook business page where there are testimonials or reviews of my work
  • Lastly, as an author/editor, I have been in some recent publications/books.