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From Skeptic to Champion of Intentional Intuition

Maryann Kelly

Maryann Kelly

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As a thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy reading part of my journey from being a skeptic to being a champion of intuition, and how you can all use your intuition as your own natural resource.

Find out how to have your own AHA moment.

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Client Testimonials


“I have never encountered a person who is more motivated, reliable, honest and caring in delivering the best that she has to offer. Her courage and determination to learn, grow and expand has catapulted her into the healing field of service to others. She is a gifted intuitive who is able to deliver messages and information, as well as educating others to assist people on their path of healing.”

Lisa O’Brien, CRM, ERYT


“Maryann draws upon her decades of real world and real life experience to provide specific examples with practical applications that resonate and can be internalized so that I could then reapply her guidance in other situations of increasingly complex disruptive strategies. Moreover, Maryann’s international work ensures that she is sensitive and aware of cultural norms.”



“Maryann Kelly’s presentation on Intuition was very informative. She is quite a dynamic and engaging speaker, talking about her own experiences and making it real . The one-on-one intuitive sessions she had us doing with each other were fun, eye opening and made us think as to what we could do or not and how. I left the session wanting to know more. Thank you Maryann, great job!”

Dr. Bernadette Spector

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