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Healing and Alternative Treatments for Complex PTSD and TMS

Unlock Yourself from PTSD: See Testimonial

“A couple years ago, my mother reached out to Maryann because of the struggles she and my stepfather were experiencing. After decades of marriage, my mother’s patience with her husband’s challenging behaviors had worn very thin. She was the closest I had ever seen her to ending their marriage. I understood my mother’s frustration because my stepdad had caused a great deal of upheaval during my childhood, and though I wanted to feel differently, I resented him.

With his permission, Maryann cleared negative energy from my stepdad’s field and assisted in healing trauma surrounding his birth. Soon afterward, to my amazement, I realized that I no longer felt uncomfortable in his presence. My siblings and our children also noticed a difference. This man who had always been stressed and reactive especially in group settings now was calmer and more present. This improvement has only grown over time. Now, when we gather as a family, my stepdad is a welcome part of the party. I have forgiven him, something that had not felt possible before. Maryann’s work not only blessed my parents’ marriage, but the whole family. Thank you, Maryann!” — Walt

Complex PTSD results from years or decades of trauma. Our veterans know far too well what PTSD is like from their military service and associated trauma; and many others suffer from Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome (TMS). Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), is also known as Tension Myoneural Syndrome, a condition of psychogenic musculoskeletal and nerve symptoms. TMS or mind body syndrome is a name given by Dr. John E. Sarno who spearheaded TMS treatment.

Clients who approach Maryann with these conditions have often spent decades trying many alternative treatments for Complex PTSD and approaches towards alleviation of symptoms. Maryann is delighted to collaborate with other mainstream or holistic practitioners in the best interest of the client during Complex PTSD recovery stages.

To begin working with Maryann regarding either Complex PTSD or TMS, please schedule an CPTSD / TMS Holistic Health Initial Reading.

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  • Accelerate surfacing of triggers causing physical or emotional pain

  • Benefit from an approach not biased by labels

  • Learn how the body manifests & masquerades pain

“For the past year and a half I have been a client of Maryann’s. She has been working with me to untangle the devastating effects of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, CPTSD, from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of those closest to me.

Anyone who suffers from Complex PTSD knows how deep and complicated these wounds twist around your psyche. The confusion, shame, and trauma seem insurmountable when you’re so deeply entrenched. Maryann provides not only a safe space of compassion and respite, but a clear path for the individual based on their specific needs. Because of the progress we’ve been making, she suggested it was time for a Soul Retrieval session. All I can say is wow!

This work is like no other. It is done with such care, precision, and intention that after this one session I feel that I’ve made a quantum leap in my healing journey. Critical parts of myself that have been screaming out for attention are now heard and integrated. To be reunited with the precious pieces of yourself that had been abandoned by trauma is nothing short of miraculous. So often with complex trauma we feel like terrified children trapped in an older body in a very scary world.

For the first time, because of this work, I feel like an adult who is capable of making her own decisions. The wisdom of my own soul is now accessible to me.

I feel like things are finally going to be okay. For those of us who have experienced massive trauma, isn’t that what we have been longing for all this time?

A Soul Retrieval session is a gift you can give to the parts of you that were severed by trauma and are now ready to come home.” –Helena

CPTSD / TMS Integrated Modality Application – Alternative Treatments for Complex PTSD and TMS Treatment

Healing and Alternative Treatments for Complex PTSD and TMS

Unlock Yourself from PTSD: See Testimonial

As a follow up to an CPTSD / TMS Initial Holistic Health Reading an integrated and customized non-invasive set of modalities are applied, as applicable, such as Past Life Regression, Cord/Entity Removals, EFT and Scalar Wave which can help both get at the root cause and enable elusive layers of trauma to be addressed while empowering the client for daily living along the way. Maryann is delighted to collaborate with other mainstream or holistic practitioners in the best interest of the client.

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  • Harness patterns to aid in symptom prevention & realize relief

  • Manage instead of being controlled by symptoms to live life

  • Realize peace and clarity through conviction

  • Regain the role as Leader in Your Own Life

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